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Apple Unveils The brand new iPhone 4 8GB And also the White iPhone 4S

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Apple have recently unveiled their plans for that forthcoming months towards the delight from the waiting public. As expected there was an announcement around the discharge of the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 4S, and also the launch of a new smaller capacity apple iphone 4. Ideas take a brief take a look at what is originating from Apple within the coming months.

As a way of introducing a younger generation towards the traditionally expensive iPhone range Apple are releasing a brand new 8GB version from the apple iphone 4. Boasting the same specification as the original model the handset will be obtainable in both White and Black finishes. Previously this model was only available in 16GB or 32GB sizes which inevitably kept the cost extremely high so expect to see this new smaller model debut in a more wallet friendly price point. The fact that Apple haven't changed the body on the iPhone 4S implies that the older model looks exactly the same which will add further attract the brand new apple iphone 4 8GB. The younger generation consumer doesn't desire to be seen with last seasons fashions so they can get hold of the 550d and look as if they are while using more premium 4S model. All the great features we loved around the larger capacity models are present. The high quality Retina display still stands head and shoulders above the competition whilst the superb Facetime feature enables cheap video calls to friends and family. Another facet of this model which will appeal to younger audience is the iPod software which allows the telephone for use like a high quality portable audio player.

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This news of the launch from the apple iphone 4 8GB continues to be understandably overshadowed through the details on the new iPhone 4S. Due for launch around the 15th of October this new model might find the introduction of a huge 64GB capacity model for the first-time. This huge storage volume will enable the handset to hold a massive quantity of material including up to forty thousand music tracks. This high capacity is much more vital given that the model now sports 1080P video capture as well as an 8 million pixel digital still camera. These two new features require more space than previous versions which were present on earlier models. Fans of the white models will also be very happy to observe that the phone is going to be available in this finish from launch unlike the original apple iphone 4 which saw a white version released annually following the black model.

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Apple seem to have all bases engrossed in their latest announcements. The new apple iphone 4 8GB will make the number more accessible to a wider audience whilst the larger capacity new iPhone 4S will give the real multi media fans the greatest specification smartphone available on the market.

Posted Jun 06, 2012 at 10:47am