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Emilie Autumn


Genres: Industrial / Folk / Other

Location: Malibu,CA, CA

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emilie autumn


THIS IS A FAN-BASED ARTIST PROFILE PAGE....HINT MEANING this is PURELY FAN-MADE and is 100% non profit and all the other legal jazz that stupid people would sue me for. This is Akitolover0, a fellow listener on purevlume who wanted to make a kick-ass page dedicated to the eternally wonderful Emilie Autumn.
Here is the direct link to Emilie Autumn's website www.emilieautumn.com/

and here is a direct link to Emilie Autumn's Tour Dateshttp://www.emilieautumn.com/dates.html

Emilie Autumn is undeniably a genre of her own. Her music is best described as industrial or victoriandustrial. When you hear industrial you automatically think "Goth, Bondage, Tight black clothing, Cyberlocks" but her music is more than that. Its not just industrial, it's industrial with soft, rapid violin and alluring voice melodies.

Band Members Emilie Autumn & Her Bloody Crumpets, These Consisting Of:

Lady Joo Hee, Center of Happiness
Miss Violet, Harlot of the Harpsichord
Little Sabine, Mistress of Sin

"Sounds Like The best cup of English Breakfast spiked with cyanide and smashed on your
antique wallpaper... "- Emilie Autumn

Record Labels: The End Records(Current 2010)

Previous Record Company's: Trisol Music Group and Traitor Records

EMilie Autumn Spring 2010 tour


  • skieth ★ω★ said:
    MARRY ME ♥ he said Feb 03
  • th2ndchmst said:
    really nice and works good to me even :) Nov 05
  • Spencer said:
    way cool! Gothic Royalty!! Apr 22
  • Hillary [freaking] Hostility;★™ said:
    Your music ia really cool I love the how it's new age a little bit & then you have the classical in there too. It's amazing. I love it! When are you going on tour again? Apr 18
  • babydoll said:
    amazing. love emilie. her concert in warsaw was sooooo great ! kisses for fans ^ ^ Apr 02
  • Kati said:
    beautiful girl. beautiful music. (: Mar 05
  • Kati said:
    I LOVE IT yer sooo gorgeous toooo!!! Mar 05
  • darlene said:
    o.o Feb 06
  • The Unblack Vampire said:
    Hey people!!! Check this out: ISHI - death/black metal www.purevolume.com/ISHI27083 Jan 25
  • KellieSluticide! said:
    She's my Idol. And i'm not someone who even uses words such as 'Idol'. I will move heaven and Earth if that's what it takes. That might be the asking price actually, she tours places like sweden and finland lots doesn't she? Jan 16
  • Breanna said:
    Wow, first time I have heard your music, its beautiful Jan 09
  • Spencer said:
    gothic royalty! Jan 07
  • SocialEnemy. said:
    I absolutely adore Emilie Autumn :D Nov 06
  • Jessie Teylur said:
    I admire you alot. You are orginal, and your music is rocks. Keep up the good work darlin'! Oct 20
  • CindyElizabeth. said:
    Absolutely AMAZING. Fkn love this :D Oct 12

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