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Released Oct 02, 2007

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Comments (22)

  • angela =] said:
    whoa buddy! i was really surprised when i saw all these negative comments about this cd. personally, i LOVE this one the most. well. equally, i guess. :D anyways, story about a man is my favorite song on i'm only a man. period. thanks for being awesome! -angela Nov 23
  • fancypurplepaint said:
    you guys get better and better every album, more creativity, and ideas, you music is totally morphing along with you..its georgeous.. May 19
  • Bleshni19 said:
    ok, first off. in order to be a good and respected band, you need to be able to somewhat change your sound from cd to cd. i mean, if they didn\'t then you\'d be complaining that it sounds like the same cd. and also, the reason their lyrics are blunt are to make a point, obviously they felt as though they needed to say something directly, and so they did. and music wise, i love what they\'ve done. even though i do like their older stuff better, their newer stuff has a different dynamic and is much more unique. it says a lot about the band\'s capabilities in the way they are able to effectively change their sound, and make it this good. be open-minded to the music, and you\'ll love it Nov 04
  • bassworkingman said:
    This album was a HUGE disappointment. I feel like the lyrics were poorly written. Too blunt and not artistic. The music could have been better as well. Overall, it just seemed like they tried too hard and failed. Maybe they\'re getting too old for this. They were better in the younger days of \"The Weak\'s End.\" All my anticipation only resulted in a huge let down. I love their old stuff, but they just don\'t have it anymore. Nov 04
  • thered207 said:
    Much different sound but I\'m getting used to it Oct 27
  • blurg1228 said:
    i miss the weak\'s end days... Oct 16
  • msmith1088 said:
    Gotta be honest...its no The Question Oct 02
  • .MDB said:
    AWSOME album! Oct 01
  • Wizard Dinosaur said:
    I\'m really looking forward to getting this album! I love it! :) Sep 29
  • chrisy poo said:
    delicious Sep 24
  • the_other_guitarist said:
    i love this.... Sep 13
  • Myuser said:
    You guys are supernatural! Hope to see u in Lawrence on Oct. 19! Sep 09
  • .Mic/ro[perf]or^ated said:
    octoberrrr? D: sigh. and only one preview song. you guys are lucky you\'re worth it. Aug 30
  • Bloo is Ninja said:
    2 months??? *cries an emo tear* I guess I can wait..... Aug 21
  • me11111 said:
    can\'t wait for the new cd!!!! Aug 19