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Embers of Autumn


Genres: Acoustic / Indie

Location: Macclenny, FL

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4 tracks

Members: Daniel

Check out the blog for details as they come in. Check out the unofficial Embers of Autumn blog/website at http://embersofautumn.blogspot.com/


Music is the thing that insipres life and imagination. This has always been my belief. Embers of Autumn formed as a pseudonym for Daniel Burnham in early 2004 as he began to emerge from the painful experience that every teenager feels in this world we live in into a maturing and weathered individual. Some songs were actually written before taking on the name EoA, but since the band they were put under before never took off (Glennwood), Daniel brought them under the safety of this new project, Embers of Autumn.

Daniel, 26, his wife Maria and daughter Rydia, reside in Macclenny, FL, which is right outside Jacksonville. The responsibilities of work, religion, and married life takes a lot of the time he used to have from playing music, but he still will write a song or two here and there.


  • sarah_still_smiles said:
    I love your lyrics :D especially Beach Life Feb 05
  • Kaitie said:
    I like the fact that you are using acoustic (which is totally awesome btw), its just different from most emo-ish bands...i don\'t know, but I like your music is what im trying to say...keep at it! May 03


Nov 30, 1999

Before You Knew Me (EP)

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Embers of Autumn EP

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