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Genres: Punk / Pop Punk / Rock

Location: Phoenix, Az / So Cal, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Mike Metro, Ben-Jamin Leonard, Jerad Shepherd, Jackson Callans

Eleven Fifty Seven is a Punk/Alternative rock band that resides in the glass and trash-lined streets in the "City on the Sun", Phoenix, AZ. The band formed in 2007 after front man Mike Metro became frustrated working with So. Cal bands that are damned to forever play the Los Angeles "toilet circuit". In his own words he said, "Gentlemen I wash my hands of this weirdness" and set course three-sheets to the wind towards Phoenix.

After arriving, Mike called best friend and long-time bandmate Ben-Jamin Leonard to discuss starting the band. Jamin was in and the search for the crew began.

Next to come aboard was long-time band mate and sort-of-friend Jax Callans. The band had a few other fill-in members come and go from show to show until the band found gold in bassist Jerad Shepherd, who is now a permanant fixture in the band with his funky bass and outlandish taste in clothes (nothing over $5.00).

With an all-star line up of seasoned musicians dedicated to a cause to "Hoist the Colors", Eleven Fifty Seven is poised to make a musical humanitarian effort with the 2011 release of their "Evolve Steel Rising" available everywhere Summer 2011




Jun 15, 2011

2008 - EP

Oct 18, 2008


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