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Electric Armada


Genres: Experimental / Indie / World

Location: Tacoma, WA

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4 tracks

Members: Dane, Ben, Dillon, Tor, Dillan

Initially what would you expect when you see five boys, wearing girls pants taking a sound check on a red lit stage? Probably something along the lines of a prepubescent pop punk band plus a violin and hair dye. But these boys are nothing like what they appear. You'd be surprised by the unique style they've formed on stage. With influences like The Mars Volta and the Blood Brothers, the performance is intense and will shock you into addiction.

Electric Armada's all original flavor includes the perfect ingredients for an epic show. Torbjorn Caspersen punches electric violin through the soothing whines of lead vocalist Dane Lund; says producer/engineer Brandon Hughes "it's a fistful of rock." But its Ben "The" Roth that steals the stage with his guitar antics meshed into the brooding bass of Dillon Gilbert. This Zeppelin driven fewsome wouldn't be complete without their chaotic chi; the Bruce Lee drumming of Dillan Lazzareschi.

Electric Armada attracts a wide range of people to every show. Their music begs appeal of not just the finicky Seattle underground, but Bay Area Santana fanatics and 90's pop culture posterchilds. Psychedelic, Charismatic, and Casual, Electric Armada is the tragic mass appeal.

Electric Armada is going on a road trip and they're taking your interest with them, leaving you forced to see these boys pull off another spastic performance. The original five are on their own magical mystery tour. Grab a seat and hold on.

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