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Genres: Electronic / Pop

Location: United States

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4 tracks

Members: ben holder and ricky terry

Based in San Francisco, ejector are ben holder and ricky terry, a glam electro pop duo that are quickly making a name for themselves. ejector's music is catchy with a glamorous moodiness that is driven by throbbing synths and soaring vocals that are complimented by the sparkle of bells and crisp handclaps. Drawing from years of experience this duo is packing in all the fun. Glitter?... check! Hooky melodies?... check! Electro balls?... check! Pushing buttons and boundaries while ejecting any notions of social norm is their game. Don't try and pin ejector down... they'll flip it on you... their live shows being a good example of this. With a costume change and different color of glitter ejector skillfully juggle aggression and passion leaving room for more... which is exactly what audiences have been asking for. The sound is big, yet accessible, fitting perfectly on cabaret sized stages or large festivals. Eject what gets in your way. Toss on something fun and join the mayhem... sonic walls of electronic vibration… passionate theatrics… rooted percussive rhythms… … all served up with a healthy dose of latex, leather, fishnets, heels … and a whole lot of glitter!


  • electrosf said:
    Great stuff, tell me everything and get out are favorites. Do you have a full album? Apr 22


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