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How to Produce Outstanding Direct Mail Campaigns that Succeed

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Direct mail campaigns and the various other sales and marketing techniques have many things in common. Optimizing your mailings will be the key to your success. The way you do this is just like anything else - you test and keep at it. Those with little experience in terms of direct mail campaigns or people who've never attempted before often encounter problems.

The key to getting up and over the wall is to be persistent, firstly, and then to keep testing and improving until you get it right. If you expect to succeed on your first try, then you will be sorely disappointed because it's very rare. There are DM experts, of course, and this doesn't apply to them. The reason they got to where they are, though, is because they persevered and learned everything they could through testing and optimization.

If you want to do direct mail properly, you need to choose between a postcard or a sealed envelope mailing campaign when you begin. Your budget is definitely something you need to consider when you do this. Going with postcards is probably your best bet simply because it can do a lot more with a limited budget. Getting small 4.5" x 6" postcards is okay, but you may want to use something different. You might want to use glossy professional postcards that are larger than normal. Each one can be effective with the right copy, but you'll have just a few seconds to make a positive impact. Every postcard should have a strong benefit, and a call to action choice to make. You might become intimidated while looking for an applicable mailing list. You will see that there are reputable companies that are willing to help you get the right mailing lists. You also have the option of locating your target group in the Standard Rate and Data Sheet. Long before there was an internet, this particular service has been reliable and supplied wonderful service. Make sure that your list contain certain elements. Some examples include the age and older lists should be tried and tested. But, ensure that it is a list that works well with your business.

Sometimes you have to do a little, or a lot, more to get your direct mail envelopes opened. If you really want to make a difference, then try to manually address your envelopes. For a while now, many direct mail marketers have been using software that puts cursive writing on their direct mail envelopes. This is something that you might want to try out in the beginning. But, most people will never manually address thousands of mailings. So look into ways that you can get the cursive writing look. This will make your customer responses soar.

Another key aspect to your success with direct mail is no secret and it only seems to be until you realize what it is. The big secret is in product choice, which is true for internet marketing no matter how you make your money, as an affiliate or as someone who creates their own products.

That might not be the best comparison since IM is simpler than DM. However, a lot of people undertake direct marketing for a variety of good reasons.

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Posted Jul 13, 2013 at 7:09am