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Genres: Progressive / Alternative / Folk Rock

Location: Huntington, NY

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Members: James Byron Schoen - Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Vocals : Matt Cozin - Drums and Percussion : TD Towers - Bass Gutiar : Arthur Sugden - Piano and Organ : Mike Drucker - Violin : Rachel Kiel - Flute

&nbsp &nbsp What words define the Edensong sound? Even a term as varied and ridiculous as "orchestral progressive acoustic metal" offers little in the way of explanation or categorization of the band's music. The band does draw deeply from classic "progressive" acts, with complex song structures that resemble those of early Genesis or Yes, but Edensong does not simply rehash the music of that era. With a permanent lineup of six members (joined frequently onstage and in the studio by others), Edensong is able to experiment with wide ranging musical styles, adding orchestral instruments like flute and violin into the mix of a versatile hard rock band. With what other band would you be able to hear thrash metal guitar riffs, a classical guitar, flute, and cello chamber arrangement, and North Indian Tabla playing all in the span of a single album? The music at times offers the serene melodicism of Simon and Garfunkel or Cat Stevens, yet later exploits (often in the same song) the sheer aggressiveness of Metallica. Edensong is the universal music enthusiast, gaining inspiration from its long list of forefathers, whether these be from the millenium-long history of western classical music or the comparatively short half-century of rock. While influenced by so many from Gregorian Chant to grunge, Edensong nevertheless rejects any superficial trend in pop music, preferring to forge its own path through the droves of homogeneous sound-a-likes. Edensong, along with a handful of other new bands, attempts to creatively revitalize rock music in a movement away from the corporately-constructed mainstream, and instead toward artist controlled freedom and true originality.



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