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  • anna?? thats me said:
    sooooooo goooooood Jan 28
  • Charlotte. said:
    eastonlegacy (y) :) Jan 28
  • MH said:
    You guys are great. I checked you out cause i saw your from the kinda sort of Boston area but you definatly exceded expectation. Jan 28
  • Someone said:
    :O pretty good! Jan 27
  • Kendra!=] said:
    wow. you guys are truly incredible. =] Jan 27
  • i'm just...zoe said:
    nice nice nice Jan 26
  • Kenra said:
    i only added you cuz my bros name is easton. but i discovered you guys are a legit band in the process. you should tour in tri-cities, wa. :) Dec 24
  • Faith [loves you] said:
    very early-fall out boy sounding, i think. I hope thats what you were going for. Dec 08
  • brooks eeeee said:
    10. Come to shows!!!!!!! check tonight is going to be bitchinnn Nov 15
  • venasaraH13 said:
    i love your music!!! can you put more songs up for download?? :) Nov 10
  • guitarist in the making said:
    u guys r pretty good. i dont get step 3 in helping u out 'if you don't want...friends list, even if it means you have to the gross kid up the block in that you mom made you add to fill it out' x] Sep 27
  • Alexis said:
    I love your guys' music! I think you should tour Canada ;) just a thought :P Sep 17
  • David said:
    I love your sound, its so emotional and relaxing. I just want to drop everything and listen. Sep 09
  • m arialuisa. said:
    oh, ok then. thaaank you! :) Sep 07
  • m arialuisa. said:
    Hey Easton! i really, really love your song "lost", and i'm from brazil sooo, i can't buy your cd : soo, you know where I could download your music? thaaaank you! Sep 06
  • Anna said:
    hey i love the music! im live near merrimack river in andover ma. what town are you guys from?? Sep 02
  • A.Is.For.Alex!s.!™ said:
    Woah, I like all The new songgs. Veryy niicee. =D Aug 30
  • Oro said:
    I love your music I love the song back off Im a scientist the most!!! Aug 24
  • audrya said:
    Love you Aug 23
  • audrya said:
    Hey guys, you're amaizing. I'm from Brazil and i'm doing a little disclosure of you here. I don't know much about you so please send me an email with more informations of you. *.* email: kishi.k@hotmail.com Aug 23