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Dunkain Krew


Genres: Rap / Hip Hop

Location: Champaign, IL

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Members: Big Ghandi, Diocletian, Dino Man Rasp

"D-Krew is a group of three talented rappers who have been slowly taking over the hip hop community with their witty rhymes and abstract beats. I would not be surprised if by next year these young men are ruling the charts."-Nicolas Cage.

D-Krew's Top Quotes:
3. "And I came from behind" - John Brown after being behind by one at the beginning.

2. "Hallelujah Hollaback" - John Brown

1. "Im from the burbz man and you know we got a lot of resources out there but you know we gotta get em from somewhere. Theres a lot of blood that goes into that. I like to call it Car Wars" -John Brown



Back From the Dead

No release date