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Dubstep Software and Basic Theory

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As in any genre you will always find some music that excels within the rest. But the true question that we're left with is; exactly what does it take to make Great Dubstep? Is there a special Dubstep gene any particular one must possess in order to pull beats from the netherworld or is it a thing that one can learn?


In reality making great Dubstep isn't something from another world, but using keen knowledge of the art of music production plus a large dose of your personal creativity. There is but only one rule to music; "If it appears good, it is good!" However, this rule does requires you to definitely know what good is, because just like beauty; it is in the ear of the beholder.

Some fundamental Theory

In order to know regardless if you are onto a great Dubstep song you need to know a little bit about music theory. You must know that some notes simply cannot go with other notes. Suppose you're playing a b - minor chord and wish to add some leads into the song; you need to understand what progression of notes "fits" with this chord. Should you play for instance a G# it could sound out of place and would ruin the effect completely. Having the basic discover how of music theory and scales will certainly up your game.


Great sound library

Simply because that almost everyone can technically "DJ", what separates the great from the great comes down to sounds you are packing. For instance if you have Ableton live but haven't any other plugins, samples or loops other than what was provided with the beds base pack; you would be able to produce music but your music will sound "common". Professional DJ's spend several and hundreds otherwise thousands of dollars on developing a good sound library. You should definitely go out and make your own unique samples too by purchasing a portable sampler.

Understanding your set

People tend to like stories, that like the logical continuing development of thought and emotion. Your set is practically like a story you are telling, therefore it is necessary to understand what emotion or effect each individual track has on the crowd. Arrange your tracks to keep your audience engaged. Some DJ's do not allow their audience to consider a breather, they continue pumping beats miles a minute and after about thirty minutes you have a tired audience that will slowly begin to lose interest in your set. Allow them to breathe while maintaining their attention glued as to what you're going to do next.

Good Dubstep Software

It really is imperative that you have great music production software to be able to mix and create on a professional level. You can be using free software if you wish to sound like a great producer. This can be craft that requires a lot of initial investment, but once you have crossed over to the land of the greats, it should all be paid back tenfold.


Posted Nov 16, 2015 at 9:16am