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Genres: Rock / Alternative / Emo

Location: Portland, OR

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Members: bryon deisher, marshall tipton, matt mcmillan, adam hubka

Dualesc formed in 1998, composed of singer Matt McMillan, guitarist Bryon Deisher and bassist Adam Hubka. Their original drummer, Tim Steiner left in 1999 and was replaced by Marshall Tipton shortly thereafter. The band went through a couple early band names before eventually settling on Dualesc, a word the band created that was inspired by the idea of Cartesian Dualism. Dualesc recorded their first CD "Oscillations" in 2000. The disc eventually got into the hands of Richard Patrick from the band Filter. Patrick personally invited them to fly out to Chicago to record at his Abyssinian Sons Studios. Produced by Richard Patrick & Rae Dileo, Dualesc recorded an EP in early 2001 at said studio.

In early 2002, Dualesc was signed to Rise Records. They re-mastered the Richard Patrick EP and included 6 new songs for what would be their debut full-length cd titled "Through the Floods, Not With Them".

Dualesc independently recorded and released their 3rd release, titled "Palisade Layer" in 2003. It included 6 new songs and a re-recording of an older song from "Oscillations" featuring a guest appearance from Chris Ruff of Kaddisfly/Water & Bodies on the song "I Don't Even Know You"

In 2004, Dualesc's bassist Adam Hubka left the band and was replaced by Rob Hillis. The new lineup spent the summer of 2004 in the studio working on their final album titled "Lhasa the Birdcatcher" - but the record never saw an official release and is not known to have been available for purchase. 2 songs from this album titled "Cosimo y Eleanora" and "N. Morrison Saves Daughter (Kills Himself)" can be found on the band's MySpace page.

Dualesc played a handful of shows in Portland during 2004 and 2005 before eventually fading into the infamous "hiatus" category sometime around 2006.

Lyrics, Photos and additional information can be found on Dualesc's tribute website.


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