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Smart Tips and Tricks for first time Construction Home Buyers

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If you are intending to buy a "new construction" home, expect it to be worlds apart from buying something used. But just the same, you have to set a budget and have financing prior to looking into choices.

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Here are five steps that will help you make the right decisions:

Assessing information

New construction homes are incredibly attractive because of their shiny new paint and floors and countertops. However, becoming a wise buyer, you have to ask yourself a few crucial questions before proceeding together with your plans. For example, how is the location? Will your evryday commute be a problem? Will your children be safe? Depending on your particular circumstances, you need to look into the practical side as objectively as possible. Get a good dryer vent box and your house should be good as well.

Doing Your Homework

When buying a house in a new subdivision, a buyer's agent can be very helpful. First, this pro will easily notice a lot about the area; second, they can arrange home tours in your case; and third, he is able to assist you through the closing process. Research neighbors and concentrate on their suitability. Definitely, you also have to research builders.

Defining the fundamentals and the Perks

This step is important so you understand what you can expect. Inquire about amenities and upgrades from the prospective builder. Look into the features at http://newconstructionsolutions.com/pages/dryer-vent-box/index.html of the various homes you're attracted to and examine them individually along with comparison with each other. Know very well what you can get from the base price and what are considered extras or add-ons. In case you have any doubts, pay attention to them and then ask the builder. One mistake costs you huge.

Getting an Inspection and Warranty

Once you make a decision to purchase a home, base your contract on a final home inspection which must be done by a professional that you picked. Never ever think that a brand new construction home is perfect. Of course, you have to secure yourself with warranties. Many new construction homes are available with an implied warranty guaranteeing that structural defects will likely be fixed by the builder. This warranty should be good for a period (normally a year) beginning on the date you move in, and yes it must indicate that every craftsmanship problems will probably be covered. Ideally, this warranty should be supported by insurance.

Sealing the sale

If you're a first-time buyer, enable your agent inform you about special funding programs which are created for you. You ought to at least consider two mortgage providers and compare their offers. If you believe you need help from a lawyer, go ahead and, get some. Finally, never sign any documents if you're not sure you know what it's for.


Posted Dec 09, 2015 at 6:26pm