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Drury Lane

I was put here not there and I'm gonna do my best


Genres: Acoustic / Folk / Indie

Location: Hobart, Australia

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4 tracks

Members: Ant, Ben and Nat

Drury Lane was originally an excuse to create a different style of music for two members of Hobart Alternative Rock band Social Theorist. They recorded their early songs with one mike (the good ole SM 57!) in a dinning room of a decrepit house in Kingston, Tasmania. In fact, the clatter of dishes and the creaks of floorboards can be heard in the background of all the older recordings. This ambience, the ramshackle attitude and the DIY spirit is an integral part of the band's credo.

Drury Lane have just finished their debut album, Heartaches and Headspins (click the link for free download). At present they are rehearsing a decent set-list worth of tunes to play live. The band is positive that 2009 will be a big year. Their music and their confidence is growing. But, in the end, they will make music no matter what, because making music is a transcendent activity. Drury Lane will strum on, unwavering and secure, because there is something special about three chords, a few words, and a melody.