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drop dead Gorgeous


Genres: Indie / Electronic

Location: Patchogue, NY

Stats: 570 fans / 0 plays / 0 plays today


Members: Johnny, David, Wayne and Josh

not the typical "hardcore kids complaining about girls" emo you're used to hearing. for fans of braid, mineral, the appleseed cast, the strokes, longwave.


  • Nesha Torres said:
    music?! :) Jul 30
  • jessica said:
    indie? Jul 21
  • Natasha Dawn said:
    You guys are pretty good. Come to Philly pleezzz May 11
  • AnnaLenore said:
    You should tottaly put some songs up Apr 04
  • Marykannibal♥ said:
    Kit, i second that. Mar 16
  • Kit said:
    c'mon now get some tracks up i love hearing you guys play Mar 10
  • Danni Delicious™ said:
    i'll definantly try to make it to the show in cleveland =] Mar 09
  • King : A : [ASTR] said:
    a-kick-ass-band-&-original-quality Mar 09
  • cyndi.set.the.fire said:
    gonna go see yall on my birth day at fuel. its gonna one kick ass birthday .see yeah there march 13~! Feb 17
  • ʞaren MUTILAT!ON™ said:
    hey gonna go see u guys next month :D Feb 13
  • RachelSetsHerFriendsonFire said:
    love this band Feb 12
  • Stitches said:
    Haha! XD I saw you guys @ 4am @ pittsburghs cent 3 walmart XD I almost went to knock on the door....but I was being nice =D and decided not to. Feb 12
  • Rainxroses said:
    ?? no songs? Talk about a teaser! Jan 27
  • hearthfail said:
    wht the f*ck! no song Apr 08
  • said:
    interesting, if i wer u i would put all the songs you possibly can on yer profizzle lol, because you guys rock like maddddd... yer like the best band to mosh to and throw shit around when i listen.... peace niggs Oct 15


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