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Driving To Memphis



Genres: Indie / Rock / Alternative

Location: Seattle, WA

Stats: 332 fans / 28,129 plays / 4 plays today






Members: Jeff Alan: Vocals, Guitar - Tim Breitels: Drums


  • King : A : [ASTR] said:
    moist Jan 21
  • Kaley Owens said:
    Oct 08
    come to fresno,CA yo! Apr 20
  • XpinXcushionXheartX said:
    why didnt you guys play saturday night in defiance? i was bummed out.. ;( Feb 20
  • BulletproofXlonliness said:
    your music it the shit!!!1 Jan 27
  • elevator talk said:
    i fucking love tom Jan 25
  • MorbidxMichele said:
    You guyz are amazing. Your concert at the black sheep cafe last night Was amazing for sho. :) Jan 13
  • ~HEKS~23RD! said:
    Effin Awesome! Jan 10
  • said:
    lovelovelovee you. Dec 11
  • elevator talk said:
    :-* Nov 06
  • CryBloodTears said:
    I am apart of my highschool newspaper, I wanted to suggest that it would be cool, to basically interview you and post it in the newspaper. It would be a music column, that says \"Featured artsits\" and the interveiw would be posted there and it would tell people to check you guys out. You would get more know, and heard. I could basically send through here or through email the interveiw questions because I doubt we would actually meet and do it, and you guys send it back. Tell me what you think. Sep 27
  • CryBloodTears said:
    I like the sound. Sep 24
  • ericisuglyX5 said:
    Fricken sweet, i will try so hard to make it to the show this Saturday! Sep 15
  • please riot in an orderly line said:
    hey, you guys rock. just want to tell ya if yer interested then there\'s a pretty sweet venue out here in Boise idaho im sure you guys would be welcome at. if you want more info just go to boisevenue.com. Jul 28
  • staycb814 said:
    Im totally loving your guy\'s music, its flippin sweet! come play in Bradford! Jul 27

Driving To Memphis

Jun 30, 2010


Memphis, TN


United States


United States


United States


United States

danny brueck

Ravenna, MI


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