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What Is A 2 Wheel Hoverboard ?

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Don't Count on Walmart for Your Holiday Hoverboard Needs, but Here's Who Can Hook You Up if You Want to Look Like These Celebs | E! Online

'Wiz Click/tap elsewhere to exit, or press ESC. AKM-GSI Hoverboard lovers, get out your tissues. Walmart told BuzzFeed News that it "probably won't"sell the trendy scooter/skateboard hybrids this holiday season. Sob! The news site suggestsa patent dispute over the self-balancing scooters is the reason why many major retailers have backed out of selling the boards. Online retailers such as Amazon or Shopify, meanwhile, are selling the trendy accessory for as high as $2,000 a pop. Ouch. Along those same lines, Best Buy indicated to Buzzfeed that it's still unsure and Target has given mixed messages as well as to whether or not they'll be stocking the boards on their shelves. PHOTOS: Flashback! Remember these trendy holiday toys of yesteryear? This got us thinking. Could this be the Tickle Me Elmo ofpresent day? We can picture it now: Tents of trend-hungry parents camping outside of the one toy store in town that's selling hoverboards in subzero temperatures.

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Oh, The Big Hairy Ape Who Grunt-talks Is For GROWNUPS LIKE ME, But Fuck Those Teddy Bears, Man.

But maybe they dont have to anymore. Supermans had a lot going on in his life of late, what with the whole losing-most-of-his-powers and secret identity outing of the last few months. Wonder Womans had her own share of drama , too, with an open revolt on her home island of Themiscrya among other things. But, in this weeks Superman/Wonder Woman #22, its Clark Kents status quo shifts that trigger change in his romance with Wonder Woman. But then they had a run-in with a secret government operation that rounded up Clarks closest friends and family. During that adventure, Diana used her magic lasso on some of those people to find out how they felt about Superman. Now that all the actions over, it looks like Clarks romance with Diana is another casualty in the wake of the recent big changes. Much has been made over the decades about how Clark Kents love for Lois Lane humanizes Superman and keeps him tethered to humanity. But part of the appeal to a Supes/Wondy romance is the idea that theyre equals in terms of fictional strength and publishing longevity. Clark and Lois have never been romantically linked in the four-year-old New 52 incarnation of the DC Universe and theyre barely been civil ever since she revealed his secret identity to the world. So its weird that its Dianas treatment of Lois (and others) that proves to be the wedge that might push Clark away from her. The oddest thing about this issue is that it re-tells scenes that were shown months ago in a preview teaser.

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