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Dress Your Wounds

3 demo songs available for free download


Genres: Alternative / Rock / Indie

Location: Hollis, Queens, NY

Stats: 202 fans / 3,002 plays / 63 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Danilo Cordova - Guitar/Lead Vocals, Danny Bedoya - Bass, Dan Costa - Drums, Chris Contreras - Guitar

Dress Your Wounds is a band that formed in Hollis, Queens, NY, Formed by Lead singer Danilo Cordova. They have played shows all over NYC at venues such as Crash mansion, Webster hall, Sullivan hall, The crazy donkey, The knitting factory etc.
THREE demo songs from the upcoming EP are available for free download on this site. Feel free to share to your friends and help spread the word. The debut EP will be out in early 2012.


  • michelle said:
    wow... you guys are good i can see you playing on tv in the future while im getting ready ill be listening to you guys.[= my fav fav song is your decision=].id love to hear more. Dec 30
  • Otter said:
    hey, you guys sound really good! it's almost like a chilled out all time low? hah. But it's great! i'd love to hear more brosiff. Dec 24
  • KaylaKON said:
    aweeeeesome. Dec 23
  • Mikaela said:
    Keep up the good work guy :) Hope to hear more from you. Dec 23
  • inordi said:
    i like all your songs.:) Dec 22
  • sarah cleveland said:
    i just realized that you have three dans in your band...and chris is just there being chris. :| Dec 22
  • sarah cleveland said:
    hey!! nicely done, gentlemen :) i'm loving your sound :DD Dec 22
  • Jovie Bond said:
    Nice!! I love what you have so far, looking forward to 2012 and your EP!! :D Dec 22
  • Alaina. said:
    Impressive. Upload some more, we'd all love to hear it. Nov 19
  • Emily said:
    i love it! thanks for the message Jul 20
  • Smithy said:
    likin itt {: Jun 23
  • Audrey said:
    put more music up! i love you guys! Jun 16
  • LauraLee said:
    i just listened to 'your decision' 3 time in a row. i love it(: Jun 11
  • LilyLovesDinoッ said:
    simply amazing. May 26
  • sheemal visun said:
    awesome! May 13

Demo's 2011

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Bridgeport, NY


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