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Dream State


Genres: Pop / Rock / Alternative

Location: Mesa, AZ

Stats: 760 fans / 138,031 plays / 4 plays today






Members: Nick Howard, Nick Garza, Michael Pintor


  • Tyler Angel said:
    I've been listening to y'all for years! I'd love for y'all to check my band, Pirate Ninja Cowboys! A hearty hearty party party! purevolume.com/pirateninjacowboys Jul 20
  • minaluv93 said:
    i really like you guys a lot, and i miss your music. it got me through some frustrating times. Sep 28
  • xxx2 said:
    you guys need to post some lyrics! please Jul 29
  • illrockyoursocks said:
    i love her voice lol May 22
  • Mydrugaddiction666 said:
    dude you guys are awesome after i saw you guys at taste of chaos i wanted to listen to you guys alot more May 21
  • csquared221 said:
    You guys are great. you really need to put up some lyrics though. :) May 21
  • dirtbikeboy521 said:
    saw you guys at arizona\'s taste of chaos. you guys are good, represent mesa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 17
  • Argh said:
    can i get the cd somewhere in stores? :( haha :) i May 17
  • dawn afterglow said:
    Just bought the new CD and I love it already. :) Mar 24
  • zwickz711 said:
    Just got the new cd, by far one of the best cd\'s I have Mar 16
  • patt009 said:
    I love the music, you need to put up some lyrics tho. Keyboards rock Mar 04
  • aLittlelonely said:
    I love your style, it draws me in... aLl, Chelsea Mar 04
  • huzzahma said:
    Add Comment here... Mar 01
  • Will said:
    dream state = cool Mar 01
  • Argh said:
    i LOVE your music.. the style changes a lil bit with each song.. to me at least.. and i love it :) can\'t wait to hear more Feb 28

A Place To Rest My Head

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