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Genres: Metal / Death Metal / Progressive

Location: Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

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Formed in 2003 DRAUGGARD appeared to be the first band of the local Russian metal scene to perform raw, fast and evil black metal. Through several releases including "Baldr's Dreams" single and "Nidgedichte" EP, that was consequently released by Swedish label Undead Propaganda, DRAUGGARD have gained the cult status among local Russian black metal fans. In 2008 DRAUGGARD took part in WACKEN ROAD SHOW in Kiev (UA) and Moscow (RU) sharing the stage with OVERKILL (US), ENSLAVED (NOR), SAMAEL (CHE), DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS (POL) and TRISTANIA (NOR). Soon after, several tours followed including the headlining Ukraine/Russia tour in December 2012, the tours with DIABOLICAL (SWE), HELLSAW (AUT), NECRONOMICON (GER), CONTRADICTION (GER), NUCLEAR WARFARE (GER) and EPISODE 13 (TUR) not to mention few shows with OMNIUM GATHERUM (FIN). Eventually DRAUGGARD have ultimately performed in almost each more or less big city of the central and Ural part of Russia as well as in Ukraine supporting ONSLAUGHT (UK), in Germany (BIFROST FESTIVAL @ Zeche Carl) and in Belgium (DISTORTION FESTIVAL, main stage). In addition, during their career DRAUGGARD opened for MARDUK (SWE), BELPHEGOR (AUT), ROTTING CHRIST (GRC), RAGNAROK (NOR), ASSASSIN (GER), CATAMENIA (FIN), ALESTORM (UK), OBSCURITY (GER), PANTHEON I (NOR) and many other strong acts. Backed by the local booking agency the band performs regularly live in cities of Russia and Ukraine looking forward to doing as many live shows as they can get. In view of the upcoming release of the full-length album “Da Nobis Tenebras” with Tomasz “Nefastus” Janiszewski (BELPHEGOR, DEBAUCHERY, LYFTHRASYR etc.) on drums DRAUGGARD are going to tour Europe this summer and spread the disease that is scheduled for the release this Spring by Terror Records.

Current lineup:
Dmitry Ulybin - guitars
Anton Gloomyr - vocals
Eugene Mityakov - bass
Tomasz "Nefastus" Janiszewski - drums






Moscow, Russia

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