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Downcast Fable


Genres: Rock / Indie / Ambient

Location: Glendale, AZ

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Members: Aaron, Andy, Josh, Leo

Some might say that rock 'n' roll, or even music itself, is dead. In an ever changing industry with illegal downloading and reality television superstars leading the helm a la American Idol, one would start to believe that these statements are true. But when all hope is almost lost, Peoria Arizona's Downcast Fable releases their self-titled album (Makeshift Records), giving listeners a renewed faith in the music of tomorrow.

Scars are the books and novels in life as they scream to edify our hearts, are the daunting words spoken by vocalist Aaron Lopez in the opening track (Blue Skies), which sets the tone and overall theme of the album. I take every song to be a scar, whether it's a good or bad scar, Lopez says. Everyone fails from time to time, and it's not how hard you fall, but how you get up. Scars are just life's way of reminding us where we have been.

While the band writes about the trials and tribulations of life and love, there is a deeper, more spiritual, meaning behind their music. Their first single Cicatrix was inspired by the band's ongoing battle with their faith in God, and how to let it speak freely through their music without coming across too preachy. A while back, I had a conversation with a good friend about how and when you present The Gospel to the world, and how most of the time every word you say is just dirt for the world to walk on, Lopez said. It's so hard for a band like us, that believes in a God that is so wonderful and yet it is so hard to bring that across to the world.

Even though the world sometimes acts like a jury, judging every word and action, the guys in Downcast Fable don't feel like they are better than everyone else. Our goal is not to shove religion down people's throats, but to show everyone love no matter what they look like or believe in.

From faith-based lyrics to struggles in love and relationships, the album takes the listener through an emotional journey, and encourages the world not to regret choices, and not to be afraid to fall sometimes. What you learn makes you who you are, says Lopez.

With their first full length release, Downcast Fable feels that they have come a long way, and have learned a lot in a short amount of time. Since the word album became a part of their vocabulary, to pre-production and working with a producer, to holding their own record in their hands, they truly feel blessed and thankful for this amazing experience. The great thing about the whole recording process is that we have all gotten closer as a band. We feel that we have just completed the first piece of a bigger picture we call Downcast Fable.


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    ha you guys rock and i see you at ufc party's my name stars with a e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Aug 13
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    hey! im sorry i took so long to respond. apperently i dont check purevolume very often. if you guys won the ernie ball stage would you play all of warped or just part of it? cuz i would be sweet to see you guys live! Jul 02
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    sounds gooood (: Jun 28
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    if you dont come to St Louis soon I'm going to have to come kidnap you...dont think i wont! Lol Jun 28
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    i can't stop listening to your music... especially cicatrix LOVE you guys :) Jun 18
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    hey now im friends with you guys here an don the warped tour battle of the bands site Jun 03
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    i really want you guys to go to warped tour. it would make my lifeeee. love your music a lot (: Jun 03
  • moe said:
    i really want you guys to go to warped tour. it would make my lifeeee. love your music a lot (: Jun 03
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    hi lol ur music is really great i think i will go out and buy an album Jun 03


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