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Genres: Emo / Rock / Progressive

Location: Panama City, FL

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4 tracks

Members: Jonathan, Ryan

Our new album, Most Imperfect Skies, in stores now through Cake Records.

Our brand new record, Most Imperfect Skies has officially been released and is now available for purchase on the internet and in stores nationwide.
Click here to get your copy of the Most Imperfect Skies | Download from iTunes

Don't Die Cindy is a four-piece indie/space rock band from Panama City, FL. Their goal is to move listeners to another place, both through music and performance. So we invite you to come along and join the ride.



Check out our current tour dates at our website: www.dontdiecindy.com

For booking information contact Dan@ThunderdomeTouring.com.


  • Snuggleblade said:
    purevolume.com/snuggleblade Jun 28
  • Truly The Syznats said:
    Unclothed and Honest ♥♥♥ love you guyz! May 31
  • Shawn C IS Sexy said:
    you guys deffinitly rock and you need to come back to pc and play some shows cuz i mean this is where yall started :D well i\'ll deffinitly be lookin forward to when you guys play some shows peace&love Oct 10
  • Allex kaaappoww ! :] said:
    i like :] Sep 23
  • Allex kaaappoww ! :] said:
    i like :] Sep 23
  • alexkid katinka said:
    I bought one of your shirts and you guys had my lost cell phone at warped tour :D Jul 24
  • fefifofalliALLI said:
    hi. california. get here. thanks. Jul 19
  • zesty_dubie said:
    u guys have good intrumental and shit, but ur vocals are so rediculously winy, it turns me off of this type of music Jul 07
  • MRGNmhm said:
    Hey guys Jun 27
  • Kerrie. said:
    Hey Did you guys know that during the Summer of \'05 I think it was, you were in Lancaster South Carolina - well you stayed in a hotel and I\'m pretty sure it was a Best Western and I was swimming around in the pool at the same time as you guys! I remember you said you were in a band and you said the name and i always remembered it to this day. Noone probably cares too much but I thought it was AMAZINGGG ! May 02
  • fefifofalliALLI said:
    k love the new songs for sure.... however you coulda left the older ones that i love as well. Mar 02
  • gem08 said:
    i saw you guys in dothan last month at futhure players. . .it rockked:]] it altered my soul. . .weather or not it was suppose to do that idk. . .but i still thinkk you\'re great:]] && you deff need to come backk soon. Jan 01
  • blackbuterfly said:
    Add Comment here... Dec 19
  • monica870 said:
    I\'m SO ready for yall to come to Jonesboro, Arkansas. I will most defiantly be skipping dance and getting a demerit to see yall. lol. I\'m quite exctied. Yall are amazing. Dec 18
  • shanre1126 said:
    you guys were great in Foley on Monday. LOVED the show! Nov 24

Most Imperfect Skies

Oct 03, 2006


United Kingdom


London, United Kingdom


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Jonathen Miller

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Ryan Hunt

Colchester, United Kingdom

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Sam Cross



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