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How To Attract Much More People To A Google Places Listing

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by http://www.visualmir.com/

When you run your own business it is very important for you to do everything possible to have as many distinctive marketing and advertising tactics up and running so you have a steady flow of new buyers coming in to your enterprise.

In the past year or two one of the more essential new resources you are able to reap the benefits of is local search marketing.

Here are several methods to increase the visibility of your business in Google.


The more details you can include into your Google Places listing the better.

Something that you can include are pictures. The kind of photos you add is determined by your small business but may comprise of product photos, images of your shop and so on.

You could upload as many as 10 images within your listing and it will only take you a minute or two to upload them so you might as well make use of this feature and include as many photographs as you can to really help make your listing jump out.


It is very important that any kind of particulars you have within your listing matches perfectly with any particulars that are in your site and other 3rd party websites throughout the internet.

The thing is Google is attempting to make certain that your small business is authentic and is not some effort to game the search engines.

Hence the more instances there are on the internet of the same exact details about your small business, the more trust Google can allocate to your small business and the greater your probabilities of benefiting from great search rankings for your business.


For local SEO, any testimonials that can be found on the web which are about your company could very well provide a boost to the search rankings of your Google Places listing.

There are a couple of ways you could get these reviews.

The first is at third party internet sites. There are several sites which really encourage their own readers to give reviews about local businesses to help other consumers make choices about where they should spend their money.

The 2nd area where you can get reviews for your small business is directly on the Google listing.

So if you do operate a small business and you don't yet have your Google Places listing ready to go, it's advisable for you to get moving on that when you can.

After that you are able to go ahead and start looking after a few of the other details already mentioned to help you give your Google Places account improved search rankings in the search engines.

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Posted Aug 14, 2012 at 12:25pm