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Are you currently Planning to Fail at Online marketing?
By: Deborah White
Organization is really a key factor in making your internet business successful. Benjamin Franklin is attributed to saying, “If you fail to plan, you intend to fail.” I have personal experience using the wisdom of this saying.
I never realized exactly how much I procrastinate and just “wing” all things in life and by business until I began with Alex Jeffrey’s online coaching course. I didn’t realize precisely how true and important those words where when Alex said if you don’t plan today, tomorrow, next week, the following month and so forth you're going to get lost and not make any progress at all. Of course I had every excuse in the world why I couldn’t plan anything, “I work a full time job”, “I’ll need to squeeze it in where I can”, “I’ll do twice as much tomorrow.” Problem? So here I am on the month later with absolutely nothing to show for the money and time I’ve spent learning internet marketing. I failed.

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Working on your Plan
The good thing is that nothing is written in stone company, I fell off the wagon so to speak but I can dive back on, this time with a plan. I grabbed my favorite internet based calendar and started planning. I chose to make use of a web based calendar to ensure that I could access my daily tasks everywhere. I like Yahoo’s calendar because it’s right there beside my emails and that i can tick off the tasks once I’m done and plan the next day’s priorities and maintenance tasks. Set aside a bit of time on your day off to invest an hour or so planning the following couple of months goals. Write them in your calendar. If your goals are actually written on your calendar they're harder to disregard!
Also creating a mind-map for long term goals is an excellent idea. It helps you to write your half formed ideas down to be able to go back to it and begin a plan. There are some free programs that may help you with this for example Free Mind, bubble.us, MindMeister, PersonalBrain and so forth. Just Google “mind mapping” and you’ll manage to find a totally free or paid service that suits your needs.
I like the plain, traditional white board. I have one hanging at my office at my regular job but i never thought to add someone to my home office. Well, now I know better. I is going to be purchasing a nice big one next payday so I have somewhere where I can tell my thoughts and better have the ability to place them together into a cohesive plan. It’s like the mind mapping program but I find the white board works more effectively for me because it’s right there before me. You can’t forget about it like I’m vulnerable to do with programs on the computer. If it’s before me I’m more likely to focus on it.
Plan to Commit
All this takes a fair little bit of self-control but we’re after the ultimate gain here, personal freedom. It doesn’t inflict best to plan and then not follow up on it. Take a minimum of an hour each day to work on your business. It might be posting links or writing and submitting articles, whatever you wrote on your calendar and mind map according to the plan you have set in place. It’s important to not deviate. It’s too simple to get distracted along with other things when you’re caring for your computer. Switch off any pop up chats. Make sure the sound is switched off on stuff that might ding at you and get a kitchen timer. Set it for one hour then start your career and finished it without any interruptions. Yes, you’ll need to work with your loved ones and let them know it’s really important that you simply take this hour on your own. Then you can check your emails or talk to friends on Facebook. You need to keep your eye on the prize. For me it’s getting myself not in debt and setting myself in a mindset and lifestyle where I'm able to live the life I choose. What’s your prize?

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Posted Jan 16, 2013 at 4:13pm