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dogs with mange


Genres: Rock / Metal / Pop

Location: Laquey/Richland area, MO

Stats: 1 fans / 42 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: David L. Black: instruments/vocals

More information and free music at www.unsignedbandasylum.com. Dogs with mange is a solo band from the deep bowels of Missouri.

David L. Black: all instruments and vocals

Dogs with mange have released 2 self published C.D.s and one promotional C.D. with side project HBr.

'Welcome To Missouri' - 2003

'live in the parking lot' - 2004

'dogs with mange & HBr - FREE C.D.!' - 2006

HBr, from the makers of dogs with mange. Instrumental dance and trance music for reptiles and robots.

David L. Black: keyboards, squeeks, giggles
Richard Weed: bass, guitar, farting noises
Juno-Gee: percussion
Roland-X: drums
M.C. Flow-Me Blow-Me: balogna detection

HBr have released one promotional C.D. with dogs with mange and one self published debut C.D.

'dogs with mange & HBr - FREE C.D.!' - 2006

'16 instrumentals' - 2007