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New song up: ICON from the new album "New Saints"


Genres: Rock / Southern Rock / Punk

Location: Basel, Switzerland

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4 tracks

Members: Matt Rayas (vox) / Kid Kristal (guit) / St. Sebastian (bass/b-vox) / Hede (drums)

When in the summer of 2007 Melchior Quitt (guitar player in the Bitch
Queens) Michael Hediger (Drummer in Zamarro) and Sebastian Hausmann (Guitar player and singer in Fucking beautiful and ex-bass player in
the Lovebugs) came together for a few sessions the band was just a
little side project. But with the inclusion of Giusy Ariniello (Singer from Phebus) at the end of 2007 things changed radically.
Dogs Bollocks went on the offensive.
After loads of live shows they recorded their first album „Smokin“ in
2008 with Deezel Imhof in the Foolpark studios, despite cult engineer
Jack Endino (Seattle, USA) showing considerable interest.
The album came out in March 2009 on Helium Records / EMI.
Thanks to years of experience, take-no-prisoners commitment and
blatant advantage taking of all their connections, Dogs Bollocks
played their asses of throughout the rest of the year.
The reactions to the album in switzerland and abroad were amazingly
varied, far reaching and positively glowing ( amongst others: „Track
of the Day“ in the british Classic Rock Magazine).
But at the beginning of 2010 things looked a lot different and storm
clouds gathered on the horizon. Guisy Ariniello took everybody by
surprise and left the band.
And the protracted search for his replacement began.
Matt Rayas (singer from Deaf’n’Dumb) was an inspired choice.
The band took a half a year off from the limelight to write and
rehearse new songs and then without further ado went into the studio
to record their second album in November 2010, again with producer
Deezle Imhof and again in the Foolpark studios. In no time at all 15 new songs were put to tape live and kicking.
The new album „New Saints“ will be available on Lux.-Noise Records
and in all good shops and internet stores in April 2011.



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