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Genres: Metal / Progressive

Location: Wheeling, WV

Stats: 1 fans / 180 plays / 2 plays today






Members: Scot Edgell - Vocals, Jim Dofka - Vocals, Brian Mihalovich - Bass

Dofka has been flowing through the underground since the late 80's. Many releases, many projects always total shred! 1990 - 1991: In the U.S., "Toxic Wasteland" was released as a limited pressing on the bands own World Nations Records in January of 1991. "Toxic Wasteland" was officially released throughout Europe in October of 1990 on Black Dragon Records(Paris, France). "Toxic Wasteland" received rave reviews from metal magazines such as METAL HAMMER, GUITAR WORLD, GUITAR MANIACS, as well as hitting radio play lists throughout Europe and across the world. The entire album/band consisted of vocalist Scot Edgell and guitarist Jim Dofka. Just 2 guys! 1992: During this period, Scot was active singing with his band Rampage, and Jim was active with Brick Mistress. In early 1992, Jim left the aforementioned project to pursue Dofka as a full time project, hence, the following lineup was formed: Brian Mihalovich (Bass), Chet Miller (Vocals), Dave Snyder (Drums) and Jim Dofka (Guitar). The band released a six song demo entitled "Bow To Thee", which was subsequently only available at live performances, and pounded the club circuit endlessly, with over 100 shows throughout Ohio, Washington D.C., West Virginia, South Carolina and Pennsylvania. 1993: In mid - 1993 the band headed to Cleveland, Ohio to record a follow up to "Toxic Wasteland", which was never released due to the departure of vocalist Chet Miller. Only two tracks were salvaged from those sessions, "Strength" and "Can't You See", which are included as bonus tracks on this re-issue of "Toxic Wasteland". 1994-199?: A period of confusion, chaos and change. Drummer's coming and going and a search for a new vocalist, again! It was then that the Dofka project was put on the shelf and the time to start anew was decided upon. Jim Dofka and Brian Mihalovich found a new vocalist and formed a new project by the moniker of Psycho Scream. The band released a limited edition (500 copies) introductory single which received critical acclaim worldwide. Shortly thereafter, they release their debut "Virtual Insanity" on their World Nations label. Psycho Scream pounds the clubs a bit and of course the sissy drummer sindrome hits...... The band is not able to tour and support the release. Onward to vocalist Scot Edgell, he has a new project that goes by the moniker of This Tortured Soul. They released their first CD, "Gravity", in 1994. In mid - 1998 they will release their follow up release, "The First To Cast A Stone". 1998-1999: A re-born version of the band DOFKA. DOFKA performs at the POWERMAD metal festival in Baltimore and strikes interest in CONQUEST/Progressive Arts Records. A deal is made and Toxic Wasteland is re-issued. This is the first time officially released in the USA! You can find a new Dofka track, "The Answer", as a bonus track on the "Toxic Wasteland" re-issue. Toxic Wasteland turns out to be the best selling title for THE CONQUEST MUSIC GROUP. The release sells out 1st pressing in all the retail chains! The retail chains attempt to reorder and restock the title with no response from Conquest. The band realizes something is going terribly wrong. Conquest closes their doors and that is that. Dofka records a few more tracks for the Mercyful Fate and Dio tributes. 2000-2003 A new Psycho Scream disc recorded though the band has been put on the shelf and the CD was not released. A few more tracks recorded by DOFKA for SAVATAGE and IRON MAIDEN tributes. Writing new material commences with Scot Edgell for a new Dofka release. Recording is underway! Watch for a new DOFKA CD.



Toxoc Wasteland - Re-issue

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