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Generally, people prefer to travel through Europe by rail, for fun and pleasure. Traveling by rail is very often calm, comfortable and may also in some instances, even be considered sophisticated. Travel by train in Europe, is considered to be, in most instances very economical. The European rail network is very expansive and if you’re new to European travel, you may well find it a challenge, to make sense of the extensive array of rail options before you.

So, if you are a first time visitor to Europe, and seeking to understand your rail travel options below are a number of tips to commence with:

Firstly, locate the information kiosk found in numerous railway station, here a skilled rail system insider will be able to assist you. You can inquire of all your rail travel needs with this person. Ask them, whether you are eligible for any discounted offers regards European rail travel. Ask them if there are any cheaper alternative rail services to your intended destination.

When you are travelling on a careful budget and are desiring to hold back somewhat travel costs, you may well find some regional rail services, more affordable, than others. An example of this, is rail services in Southern Europe, as it is considered by some in the travel sector, that these services are comparatively cheaper than in northern parts of Europe. Furthermore, slower type traditional rail services are often cheaper than the express, high speed style trains. An overnight European rail service can help you by facilitating you saving on time, money and accommodation expenses. The availability of Eurail pass can reduce your expenses to a considerable amount in the train travel.

It’s important to remember at a practical level, when buying train tickets, record clearly the timing, number, and the class of your trip, as noted on your ticket/receipt of booking. Further, be sure at the time of making your reservation, whether you are travelling one-way or on a "return" or "round" rail trip. Remember some trains need early reservations. So, consider this when planning your European journey and book accordingly, this made much simpler of course, with the web based booking facilities now available.

Also, it’s suggested, you be aware of, the details of your particular train car and seat [or room/sleeper] reservation, this detail is usually imprinted right on your ticket/receipt of booking. You also might like to check beforehand, regards the entrance to the train station for your travel needs some stations are very large, you can when clarifying these items, also check for the specific platform number and any other details about your journey, like, in some cases, tracks have specific access and a boarding availability time, etc. It’s also a good idea to know, if your train service operates on a reserved or allocated seating basis, or on a "first come - first served" basis, this may be recorded on your travel booking receipt, but, if you do have the opportunity to clarify this, it’s likely prudent to do so. You may also want to be clear, if before you board your train, if you have to validate your ticket/booking through any type of validation machine.

Regards services onboard rail services, these clearly will vary, impacted by issues, such as, type of train services, ie leisure, inter-urban or business focus and the scheduled duration of the journey. Those services, scheduled to operate, over longer distances, for the most part, will provide more extensive onboard facilities for passengers to enjoy, likely including, a more varied dining arrangements. Clearly, like the forementioned items, enquries should be made when planning your train travel experience, again when you’re booking your tickets and a final time when double-checking your travel reservations, prior to boarding. This is particularly so, if you’ve requested any special requirements or assistance, this best done, as well in advance of departure, as is possible, as most rail operators are happy to help, if advised well in advance.

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Posted Dec 20, 2014 at 8:32pm