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Dj Clipto

Fast pace, low bass and well, check it out.


Genres: Electronic / Progressive / Techno

Location: Cuyahoga Falls, OH

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4 tracks

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I use very low bass tones and such (like those in bass tester CD's) so if your speakers can't handle that, turn down your bass a little bit. Also in that regard, to get the full effect of my music, you need speakers that can handle the bass. If not, you're just getting highs and that's not too fun.


All my music except for the movie quotes is all original and written by me. I don't feel anyone who just mixes music deserves to be called a musician so I take the time to write all original music.

There's a video for "It's Goin Down" so be sure to check that out by clicking the Video tab above.

Click on the albums for more songs and such. I figure if I can't sell it, then heck, the fans should still be able to hear it! If you want any MP3's, hit me up with a message and i'll get you them. Enjoy, play for your friends, and as always, TURN IT UP!!

The video game music album is what i'm using in the game i'm developing for school so I thought i'd post it since it kinda fits in with my real music.

I'm on MySpace too, but we all know PureVolume is WAY better!

Track Listings for "The New Beginnning" In Order:

01) The Official Dj Clipto Intro 1:22
02) The Greatest Things In Life 4:54
03) Throw Away The Radio 4:42
04) King Of Da Beatz 4:17
05) It's Goin' Down 5:17
06) There Is No Try 4:41
07) Dark Secret 4:25
08) The Cure for Cancer 3:44
09) Neva Eva 4:43
10) Re-Generation 4:33
11) The Timing Is Perfect 3:47
12) Straight Insanity 4:22
13) Peace 3:32

Track Listings for "Solar" In Order:

01) Activate 4:53
02) Solar 4:22
03) Satellite 5:28
04) Dade Murphy 3:22
05) Spinnin' Beats 4:52
06) Enchanted Enslavement 4:08
07) Bring It Back 3:48
08) Woah Dude! 4:10
09) Timlessness 3:39
10) Peace 3:32
11) Random Robots Theme 4:18


  • Ellyssa said:
    Wow, you have some pretty sick beats. I like it. Aug 11


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