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Genres: Metal / Other

Location: Japan

Stats: 13 fans / 104 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: ASAGI, Ruiza, HIDE-ZOU, Tsunehito, HIROKI

A wonderful mixture of metal and melodic rock - that's the best way to describe D's music. It wasn't long after the band's formation that they gained popularity and success, probably because they're quite different from average visual indie band.

Their strongest points are, without a doubt, the vocals and variety of their compositions. Their discography includes heavy, guitar songs like Face or Vampire Missa as well as beautiful, melancholic ballads such as Tsukiyou no Koi Uta. No matter the style, the songs are always a display of ASAGI's vocal abilities. His voice can truly charm, and no wonder - he's been working on it and improving in various bands even before D. And that is probably the key to the band's success - the experience of its members, all of whom have played in various bands before.