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  • Starsinmysky said:
    Can't wait to see you guys @ Musica! Feb 29
  • Megan [: said:
    You remind me of Fall Out Boy. I'm in love. Oct 29
  • CayseySaur said:
    www.purevolume.com/keepitcuteofficial Sep 07
  • Kassy said:
    love it! keep going Aug 30
  • Torina said:
    You are awesome! Aug 30
  • Ashley Cristian said:
    Mmm... :) Good stuff Aug 29
  • brent said:
    like :D Aug 29
  • Nicollettecstatic. said:
    OH MY GOSH! YOU'RE BACK. That excites me. I've been a fan since Oh Pacific, So Specific. Aug 28
  • .:mak:. said:
    aaah-mazing! great sound and music :] awesome. literally one of my new favorite bands! Aug 27
  • Monique. said:
    You guys are perfect. Aug 26
  • erin. said:
    catchyy stuff. Aug 26
  • Jadey.xxCakes. said:
    i really like "the passenger" =) GO NC! =D Aug 17
  • Jaycee Blair said:
    amazing music =] May 22
  • Korey Wilson said:
    I've followed you guys since the day I bought your 'Maybe in a Memory' album, you guys are amazing - Glad to see you got signed, you deserve it! Mar 19
  • Trev ( : said:
    Drew, im sorry about what has happened with jeremy (scrubs) but you can always txt me but yeah we need to chill like levi said in walmart that was random haha be safe man and keep destroying those bass lines! ( : Feb 25
  • Levi Crump said:
    suprize to see drew at wal-mart. of all places lol. Feb 21
  • Mike said:
    Really enjoyed meeting you all at the show in Harrisonburg. You guys have great talent, maybe in a memory and too legit are both great albums. Keep writing music that helps us through tough times, and is the soundtrack to some of our best times. Feb 19
  • . said:
    I like your version of "O Holy Night" :) Jan 05
  • augustkobs said:
    Hey guys, hope everything is going okay for you. Keep up the good work. --Will-- Dec 28
  • 3v3lynn said:
    sweet christmas song !!!! Dec 23