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Distant Hero


Genres: Rock / Screamo / Post Hardcore

Location: Dayton, OH

Stats: 297 fans / 22,908 plays / 38 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Justin Moore, Ben Millhouse, Jerry Crisp, Seth Simmons

4 guys from Ohio who really enjoy a nice toasted sandwich:

Distant Hero is just a group of dudes that love making music and love making friends. They are a young band, but not without expreience. Each member came from his own musical backgound and brought with him his own influence. Their goal is simple. They strive to make the best music they can, while still being personable with each and every person they come in contact with. It's been an important part of who they are to show their true appreciation for the friends and fans that support them. They want to challenge their limits as songwriters and make music that is real and sincere, and not let it just be something easy. While they understand there is always room for improvement they are extremely excited with their recent direction in songwriting, and have begun to further explore the vast world of musical creation. However, it is as much about the music itself as it is being able to communicate it live. With an energetic and fun live show Distant Hero works hard to be the best band they can. With 75 shows under their belt from this year, they hope to work and make the coming year even better. In the words of William Penn, "To have striven, to have made the effort, to have been true to certain ideals - this alone is worth the struggle." Distant Hero loves what they do, and music will always be apart of who they are.

Distant Hero has been honored to share the stage with such great bands as:
Joy Electric,
Last Tuesday,
The Wedding,
Falling Into Place,
Devil Wears Prada,
and Kiss The Gunner



  • Tyler said:
    cant wait for saturday, since it will most likely be the last time ill ever see you guys. and my 3rd time overall. thanks for the shows, thanks for the conversations, thanks for the memories. you all have amazing talent and i only wish you the best of luck in your futures. God Bless you, and may raw rock kill each one of you forever and ever amen. May 03
  • JungleJane said:
    plz tell me im wrong but i heard u were breaking up =[ dont do it!! u cant!! tell me if u are or arent...i must know now! Apr 12
  • unionrocks16 said:
    u guys are okay. u cant sing though Feb 10
  • Tyler said:
    awesome show at the avenue last night! thanks for the little flyers. i gave out most of them at church today. ill try printing more and getting the word out! Feb 04
  • Steff in Silence said:
    [IMG]http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a343/a7x4eva/Picture026.jpg[/IMG] Jan 08
  • Steff in Silence said:
    So yea, my party was amazing im so glad u guys played at it!! ur all AmAzing!! Jan 07
  • said:
    OMG! OMG!!! you guys are awesome! im deff. gunna come to one of your concerts in OHIO! Dec 30
  • stef-oh-knee said:
    u guyz rock! hanx 4 playin missy\'s party! ur all super cool! (like silver sharpies) xo steph Dec 21
  • Kalmikraze said:
    any band with the word \'hero\' in it sucks ballz, my point has been proven every fuckin time u guys suck Dec 19
  • JungleJane said:
    hey guys can u do me a favor n write me a msg cuz i need to write u but it has to b a msg lol hurry!! haha Nov 13
  • JungleJane said:
    last night was awesome!! i had a lot of fun, especially when seth sang right at me haha i Nov 04
  • chriscochran said:
    what is up guys i can\'t wait till i get the albums rock on dudes Nov 04
  • JungleJane said:
    hey guys this is my new pro...i deleted my other one...long story. anyway i Oct 25
  • chriscochran said:
    you guys are really good, but i hav\'nt been able to find your albums anywhere Sep 30
  • Sammie ann said:
    hmm u guys shu guys should def plat at headliners in toledo soon..this would make me happy...lol p.s. ur simply amazing Sep 25

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