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Distance In Embrace


Genres: Hardcore / Emo / Metal

Location: Minden, Germany

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4 tracks

Members: Adrian Reinboth (guitar/ voc), Nikolai Falke (guitar, throat), Robin Diepolder (drums), Sören Bädker (bass)

DISTANCE IN EMBRACE – To Hell With Honesty! CD/ DVD (HBR066)

"There's no one that compares with you, you leave your footprints on my soul."
Distance in Embrace – The Devil and the Sea, 2009

Diversity vs. catchy tunes, aggression vs. melancholy – DISTANCE IN EMBRACE leave their mark in the mind of each member of the audience.

"To Hell With Honesty!" – the new album by DISTANCE IN EMBRACE. Is being on tour, releasing records and playing music in 2009 really a question of honesty? You would think so since we live in times where image matters more than substance, and where the kids kick over the traces with their glutted makeup or ridiculous "Tough-Guy-Attitude". Thus the name of DISTANCE IN EMBRACE's third record - "To Hell With Honesty!" - could truly come straight from the heart of many people

However, the title doesn't really fit to DISTANCE IN EMBRACE itself. The four ambitious musicans from Minden, Germany have been waving the flag of Post-Hardcore for years and now with their new album they prove once again, that they will stay true to themselves: modern Screamo/ Metal, without any compromises, but always remaining honest and down to earth – that goes without saying.

With their new album DISTANCE IN EMBRACE once again focus on stressing the extremes and the combination of ferocity and blandness, without overshooting the mark. Once more Alexander Dietz (Heaven Shall Burn) is responsible for the powerful sound of the album, which has been recorded in the Rape Of Harmonies Studios again.

In addition to the stunning production and the handsome artwork, "To Hell With Honesty!" also includes a bonus DVD with lots of footage about the band. Value for money, dude! Thus the album becomes a full-blown package.

All in all "To Hell With Honesty!" is a modern Hardcore album, which does not easily fit into prelavent stereotypes, since it is written by a band which is clearly aware and proud of its roots.


  • JackBurtonHERO said:
    Yes I am so glad I found you on here. Wow you fucking rock. By far my favorite album of this year period, end of story. Paper-Mch Conversation is by far my favorite song of yours. I can tell you guys hold the fuck on because you are going on a ride to the stars because you are the sound. Aug 16
  • *Disappointed*But*Happy* said:
    johey ihr rockt einfach mal belst geil! weiter so jungs! :o) May 07
  • xMeg_Madx said:
    You play concert inm y city (; you\'re tatally great !! ((; kisses frm Poland. [szczytno xP] **; Apr 10


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