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Disowning Kaleb


Genres: Alternative / Rock / Christian

Location: Montgomery, AL

Stats: 3 fans / 95 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Patrick Franklin, Josh Given, Brad Bird, Kevin Boyer

Disowning Kaleb is a power rock foursome from Montgomery, AL. They have been making their brand of Christian music since 1996. DK uses influences from secular bands as well as Christian bands to create their distinct sound. From bands like the Foo-Fighters and Stone Temple Pilots to DC Talk and Tait, the band combines the best elements from each to make their unique music. The name Disowning Kaleb has been asked about a meaning since the band's beginning. Sad to say, there is no deep theological description. It came from a five minute phone conversation, and two chance words.
For the guys of DK- Josh Given (lead vocals, guitar), Brad Bird (drums, vocals), Kevin Boyer (lead guitar, vocals), and Patrick Franklin (bass); the band was originally just another reason to hang out. Shortly after forming; the band decided that God had gifted them with their abilities and they were not going to waste them. From nursery rhymes as children to the songs we fell in love or fell apart to; DK understood how music was a huge part of all our lives. These songs were and are emotional anchors in our lives. Disowning Kaleb's passion is to create music that can be that tie to God's love. We want to write songs that not only reach Christians but can affect the person that has decided they want nothing to do with God. With all this in mind; DK started writing material and in August 2001 the band released their first full length album; Shades of Youth. The CD's success for the band included airplay and opening act opportunities. Shades of Youth had three singles released to local radio and the song Truth was featured on the H.M. Magazine sampler disc (May /June 2002 issue # 95). Disowning Kaleb opened up for such acts as, All Star United, Broomtree, All Together Separate, and The Elms. In the fall of 2006 Disowning Kaleb finished their sophomore effort Hollowbody. A departure from the guitar driven rock of Shades of Youth, Hollowbody is an acoustic album. The new CD's intrigue is found in its matured song writing and layers of harmonies. Hollowbody shows a deeper more intimate side of Disowning Kaleb with songs like Letdown and Ever End. However; DK continues to grow and still is very much a rock band.
The bands energetic live show brings together passion and a laid back sense of humor; revealing an honest picture of who the members are. At a show or just listening to our CDs; one at first may just be moved by the music of the song; but it is an input output thing (Philippians 4:8). We want to give them the loud guitar driven rock that they want but change the lyrical content (1 Corinthians 9:22). With songs about shortcomings, hurt, and most importantly hope; we can relate to the loneliness and pain someone may feel but also show them that God is the only answer to the situations they are dealing with. We believe that God has given us the talent and mission to be the first Christian CD in someones collection to plant the seed for God to change that person's life. After seeing DK in concert or listening to their Cds; there is no doubt that DK proves Christianity is exciting and relevant.




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