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Dismantle The Juggernaut


Genres: Experimental / Electronic / Techno

Location: Holland Landing, ON

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Members: Hahn

Dismantle The Juggernaut is a one-man machine of creation formed in early 2006.
The aim is to explore digitally created music and produce a different sound that has both electronic, and industrial influences. Hope you like it.

May 17, 2007
Uploaded two new songs that have been made slowly. Work has slowed down and so I can get back to writing a bit, which is fun. With You was written for my girlfriend for her birthday and uploaded with her express permission haha, so hopefully you can enjoy it as well. Ritual is a piece that I spent a lot of time and interest on, and it's pretty progressive and a tad bit epic :D enjoy!

Feb. 6, 2007
This is the biggest update done here in a while, mostly for those who can't access the MySpace material. There are 3 major new songs, Lights Fade, Puppet, and Shattered. Lights Fade is an industrial piece with a detuned synth sound that I enjoyed a lot creating. Puppet and Shattered are a complete branch into a new genre of darkwave/gothic style that I experimented with. I'm still debating how much I'm going to go into this style, but I like how these particular pieces turned out.

Nov. 15th, 2006
It's been a while since the last update, but the new sound is intense and better than anything updated before. This is updated with a new genre listing and a redone myspace account.

May 18th, 2006
The newest DTJ song has been uploaded called Sinkhole. This was just made in the recent week, so it is quite a bit newer than any other song here. It actually came about as an inspiration from looking up at the sky and getting lost in the vastness of the stars, almost like a giant hole above my head. I could pretend it was much deeper than that, but I like where it came from. After some careful reconstructing of it's initial design, I'm glad with how it turned out. Just a simple instrumental piece.

May 5th, 2006
Two new songs were recently updated, Rise Up Ye Fallen Angel and Flesh Burned Barcode. They continue the new completely instrumental side of DTJ. FBB is a grinding dark song that parallels the dreamy atmosphere of RUYFA. Both are uploaded on the myspace site for DTJ: (www.myspace.com/dismantlethejuggernaut). Anyways, a lot of new stuff was done with this so check it out and give some feedback.

Contact: koldmuffin@hotmail.com or add me on myspace www.myspace.com/dismantlethejuggernaut



  • nipplestwister said:
    i know you have new songs on your myspace. i cant access them from there. so could you put them up here??? kus id really like to hear your new stuff. Feb 07
  • nipplestwister said:
    i friended you on myspace and you asked how i found out about you. i really like techno trance electronica and random shit like that. i was just browsing through pure volume and i came across your page. and i must say you are very talented. i make some of my own techno as well. not much but i guess im just getting started and id like to do a lot more. if you have pointers id like to know. but again your amazing. Jan 12


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