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Genres: Indie

Location: Seattle, WA

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Members: Chris Staples

Discover America is the current musical project of Chris Staples. The debut full-length "Psychology" was released in 2005 on tooth and nail records, followed by 3 U.S. tours. A new full-length is in the works and will be released in early 2007. Chris currently lives in seattle washington.

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  • Claire said:
  • Danielm2 said:
    Mattew 15:18,19:"But the things which proceed out of the mouth, come forth from the heart, and those things defile a man. For out of the heart come forth evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, sexual sins, thefts, false testimony, and blasphemies." My God does hate this words. Because they're bad to us. Read the bible. Do some "research" next time. May 03
  • !MAXIUS! said:
    Your "god" doesn't hate curse words. Curse words were nothing but forms of other words spoken in German in the time of mass immigration to the United States. Because words such as "fukit" and "schit" were spoken only by plebians, they became unacceptable today. Do some research next time. Feb 12
  • christurner22 said:
    I am not a huge fan of swearing, but I can understand when someone uses it to emphasize a point. However I did not see any reason why the f-word was needed in this song. It did not emphasize anything at all. I feel like it was put in there just to be cool or edgy. If one claims to be a Christian, they do not need to use worldly things to be cool or edgy. They automatically are. -Since1980- Christians are SUPPOSED to judge! Christians are supposed to call other Christians who are in err to account for their actions in the hope that their peer's err will be corrected. Nov 03
  • Hardcore,G said:
    luv ur songs and it's feel wat i feel Feb 26
  • coco1155 said:
    i personally like the f bomb. It puts emphasis on his statement. And its got yall's panties in a wad. Jan 30
  • since1980 said:
    Since when are christians supposed to judge? I think the attitudes displayed here with perfectly "acceptable" language are more damaging than the use of a "cuss" word in a benign way. He said "f-ing hair", not "f off" or "f you you mother f'er" Christians often fail to see that they do just as much damage with their words with never using the four letter kind. Think about what you say, not which words you don't use. Nov 24
  • none said:
    dude what the heck!? why the crap did you drop the f-bomb? Dude as a Christian be a better example to non believers. Still the song rocks. Good thing I didnt show my cousin how cool Christian music can be and play that new song. I woulda looked like a dumbutt. Mar 04
  • fae said:
    I just wanted to say hello and i still think you\'re awesome. so in case your feeling down just remember that you\'ve accomplished so much more in your life already than most and people you dont even know think your cool. rock on, live on, love on amanda Jul 24
  • mwm*comfreak*32* said:
    wow. im not diggin the F-bomb either. how sad... Jul 23
  • heartThix said:
    took forever but i bought \"Psychology\" and I must say i\'m ABSOLUTELY CRAZY about \"Call It In the Air\" and \"Green Eyes\" May 18
  • emogirl4life said:
    Hi chris, i love youre music. i think your very creative. Raven May 06
  • emogirl4life said:
    Hi chris, i love youre music. i think your very creative. Raven May 06
  • Deebo Meebo said:
    you and your music are amazing! Mar 23
  • Deebo Meebo said:
    you and your music are amazing! Mar 23


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