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Genres: Rock / Progressive / Alternative

Location: Alcoa, TN

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4 tracks

Members: Kevin Young (vocals), Micah Sannan (guitar), Israel Beachy (bass), Andrew Welch (guitar), Trent Reiff (drums)

This is the "Official Disciple Purevolume"

Buy the new album "Horseshoes and Handgrenades" at Wal-Mart, Amazon, any place that sells AWESOME music, and our online store: https://www.shopbenchmark.com/disciple/

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  • Jc Undone/ Johnny Braindead said:
    new style new sound( fr. Kurt Cobain to Johnny Cash) www.purevolume.com/jcundone Feb 25
  • Candy said:
    Love you guys, met you all at Kingdom Bound in NY and have been Hooked since! My daughter and I ROCK out to you all the time, about to get in the car and do it up again...lol...thx for your music and the Word Feb 24
  • Ashley Pippin said:
    You guys are amazing(: It really keeps my faith strong. Jan 31
  • kaychick^_^ said:
    wow! u guys r on here =D iv been a fan 4 almost...well 3 or 4 yrs i think. i luv it wen ur vids show up on jctv =)but anyways..u guys rock! Dec 02
  • Ryan McClung said:
    Southern Hospitality=Amazing!! Horseshoes And Hand Grenades is great too Nov 09
  • CBD said:
    you guys rocked it last night here in Iowa I kind wish I could have asked more questions. Oh Well, still an AMAZING show Oct 09
  • Luke V said:
    Hey keith, I met you last night at your show in mccomb, mississippi. I talked with you about the balance of christianity and science, if that rings a bell. You said you wanted to check out my band, so here's a link. Thanks for the free show. WWW.purevolume.com/sailorstosirens Sep 01
  • EméDêeper said:
    no puedo estar sin su musica! Aug 29
  • EméDêeper said:
    Superrrrr =* =*** Aug 29
  • HisRadiator said:
    you guys should put up dear x i love that song:) Aug 14
  • jk lol said:
    WOW! You guys are so awesome!!! I am proud to own your two latest releases ("Scars Remain" and "Southern Hospitality"). I'm going to get the older stuff ASAP! :D God bless. May 02
  • Jared said:
    you guys are just too good... haha... you should put up "After the World" [; yess i think so xD Apr 23
  • xXx_xXx said:
    i always like DISCIPLE whatever type of genre they would like to apply on there songs i think its better now without screaming.....^^ Jan 27
  • Andrew Green said:
    So i want to be honest your old stuff was better but i still dont mind the music and as long as u make a record i will buy it but please go back into the screamo stuff like before thanks Jan 14
  • xXx_xXx said:
    you guys are so very inspiring thanks!!!!....=p Oct 27

Southern Hospitality

Oct 21, 2008

Scars Remain

Nov 07, 2006


Jun 07, 2005


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