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Dir en grey Pro


Genres: Rock / Post Hardcore / World

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Stats: 3,169 fans / 152,932 plays / 41 plays today






Members: Toshiya,Shinya, Kyo,Die, Kaoru


Enter Warcon Enterprises

We are a new lifestyle company and record label featuring the very best of harder edge bands in the metal, punk and post hardcore communities. The label was started by Bob Chiappardi (Concrete Marketing) and Kevin Lyman (Vans Warped Tour, Taste Of Chaos). Learn more about Bob and Kevin here.

Warcon was created to break the mold for record labels in the music industry. We are committed to creating a community with our artists and audience. We feel that this sense of inclusion should be the rule-not the exception-for the entertainment industry.

From our artists, to our tours, to our artwork and merchandise-everything that Warcon produces will be synonymous with the metal, post-hardcore, and punk lifestyle. Eventually, when you walk into a record store or go to a show and see the Warcon logo, you will know exactly what to expect: great music and a great experience.

Warcon Links

Official Site
Warcon Store
Warped Tour
Taste of Chaos


  • architecte d interieur paris said:
    love this band ! May 25
  • fanafangs said:
    i am FOREVER a fan of Diru! :D \m/ Jul 04
  • Katy Aretxabaleta said:
    Diru Rules!! So glad that I am able to say that I have seen them perform live and I hoep to see them again and again. Mad Respect!! Dec 02
  • kayEvn said:
    eargasm, wow! hands down!:D Aug 05
  • noodlexxmaki said:
    oke oke oke !!!!!! three thumbs up!!! :)) Jul 09
  • pablo killerpussy said:
    yun ohh..pinoy!!galing girugamesh Jun 30
  • Keithleen said:
    philippines :D Mar 11
  • kuunDeerDancer♥ said:
    Lovee Japan (L) Mar 03
  • Nicki Myxomatosis said:
    lovee this band Feb 18
  • Andrew Riley said:
    Hey, if you want to, check out my artist profile at http://www.purevolume.com/afinalsentiment. Thanks! :) Jan 20
  • Brandon said:
    you guys are awsome love j-rock flat out but u r my top favorites ur right next to miyavi haha but noo other band cud be better than u ... haha :D Jan 14
  • ashley [MN] said:
    clever sleazoid gave me an instant eargasm. daaaamn. Jan 12
  • madmetal13 said:
    fucken right man dir en grey is amazing :) this got me into some different styles of music so thanx guys Oct 28
  • jgfjhgkjkl said:
    Awsome, Child Prey My Favourite!!! Oct 23
  • *she screams my name* said:
    u guys should put child prey and obscure on here !! Oct 07

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