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Dinky Music Recording Studios


Genres: Other / Indie

Location: Corona, CA

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The Deluxe Jumbo Dinky Deal

7 Consecutive 12HR Days in Studio A

• Climate Controlled Oversized Tracking Room (21'x16'x12')
• Three (3) Isolation Rooms
• 64 Track Pro Tools Multi Card Mix Based Recording
(more cards = more power than standard HD rig)
• Vintage Trident 24 - 36 Channel / 24 Buss Analogue Mixing Console
• Joe Meek and Presonus Analogue Compressors and Pres
• Tons o' Plug-ins including Waves, TC, Auto-tune, and more
• Large Mic selection, 414, 4050, 421, 57, 58, and more
• Certified Pro Tools Engineer to Record, Mix, Master your CD
• Major Label Record Producer/Recording Artist to Co-Produce your Project
• External Hard Drive to Archive all your Tracks, Sessions, Automation, etc.

1000 Retail Ready CDs

• Custom Art Set Up with our Graphic Designer
• Digital Thermal or SilkScreen Color Printed Disc
• 2 Sided Color Insert
• 1 Sided Color Tray Card
• Jewel Case with Poly Fold-Wrap
• Bar Code to Track your sales with Soundscan

Artist Career Consultation and Profile Enhancement

• Extensive Artist Consultation with Career Objective Mapping and Structured Goals Plan
• Artist Submissions for Review/Features in Print Publications with over 100K circulation
• Artist Submissions for Review/Features in Online Publications with Millions of Hits
• Artist Submissions to Radio Stations for Airplay Consideration (including Local programming)
• Artist Press Package and Electronic Press Kit development (including bio, press, etc)
• Artist Press Release written and submitted to Industry Press detailing your new release and upcoming events
• Online Distribution
• 30-Day Service Account with the Dinky Music Agency (Booking)

Dinky Music Recording Studios is located where the 15 and 91 freeways meet in Corona. Built by contracted recording artist Billie Stevens and housing three individual recording studios as well as offering duplication and artist promotion on-site, we have everything you need to make your project sound of the best quality in the industry.

Please give us a call if you have any questions or to set up a tour of our facilities.

Dinky Music Recording Studios
402 E. Princeland Ct. #5
Corona CA 92879