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Dig Out The Truth


Genres: Rock / Acoustic / Indie

Location: Dallas, TX

Stats: 1 fans / 9 plays / 2 plays today






Jeremiah = guitars; vocals
Jared = guitars; vocals
Tristan = bass; vocals
Lipe' = percussion; vocals

Who (or) what is: Dig Out The Truth

Lets take a mind trip on a whimsical journey through the depths of uncertainty that may or may not lie ahead in this dire time of need for a new atmospheric musical direction.
AND..we will be your captain!!

Dig Out The Truth is an innovated original (rock/acoustic; indie; experimental) band based out of Dallas, TX thats complied with all the natural intuitions to facilitate the heart desires. What is meant by this is that; Dig Out The Truth possesses the correct proportions of the three major ingredients: talent, charisma, and of course a witty sense of humor.

If you are overly tired of the stagnate music scene, then why not let Dig Out The Truth illuminate those dormant senses within your ever so precious and intelligent inner self.
Dig Out The Truth would very much enjoy and treasure such an opportunity.
Peace and Love be with you all!!

Dig Out The Truth: myspace site is frequently updated www.myspace.com/digoutthetruth

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Dig Out The Truth




Apr 10, 2010