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Digital door lock from EPOS System Singapore

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Our expertise lies in a complete range of Gadgets and digital locks. A digital door lock is one of those activities that you cant appreciate until you have used one. There are lots of kinds of digital door lock for various needs and busnesses, digital lock may be deployed at home and offices. Many digital door locks includes standard and many common features like biometric, keypad entry, smart cards and etc.  digital lock

Gateman shine 2WAY digital door lock from epos system. Top quality, innovation and secure digital lock manufactured in Columbia. The Gateman SHINE feels the same as the ordinary Gateman S10. The main element difference would be that the Gateman SHINE is built for glass doors even though the normal S10 is made to your conventional door (i.e. wood, metal). This lock doesn't require any drilling during its installation since this would obviously shatter the glass door or panel. Instead, the Gateman Shine works with a clamp or clip portion which is often screwed together within the side of your clear glass door. This results in a much simpler and cleaner installation process which I believe will appeal to the majority of of you out there. digital lock


Posted Sep 23, 2014 at 5:55am