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Genres: Pop Punk / Indie / Rock

Location: Allentown, PA

Stats: 23 fans / 7,819 plays / 51 plays today






Members: Chris Benner, Mike Kelly, Tim Wright

Emotionally charged pop punk. Formed in 1995 the band hails from Allentown, PA, featuring Chris Benner formerly of Weston... MERCHANDISE AND MUSIC @ http://www.diggerpa.com - Music and more available at http://www.hopelessrecords.com


  • 1Dyce1 said:
    i'll always miss you guys... you were one of my favorite bands! The first time i met Chris Benner i had never even seen a picture of him, just really liked their additions to the first hopeless comp. So when i saw him at the 1998 canada day show with 88 Fingers Louie we immediately headed over to buy our merch. Unbeknownst to Thomp and I the guy who sold our cd's to us was actually Chris Benner. The next time we saw them they were promoting Keystone and the band had changed alot because Matt wasn't in the band anymore, but they were still as catchy as ever. (Matt and I spent another 100 on merch lol) Kinda weird, but my name is Kris, last initial B. My friend's name is Matt. Weird? Anyways, point is, u guys were a huge influence on us musically as well, (we both played guitar Matt later the bass) I want you to know u guys will always be missed, and if there are new projects on the way we'll be the first people in ottawa to buy tickets. sorry about the lame loveletter, Kristopher Aug 09

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