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Genres: Hardcore / Metal

Location: Βόλος, Greece

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4 tracks

Members: Jim-vocals

Die Without is not only a band for us but a piece of our hearts to ,we do what we do because we feel that way and we will continue our fight no matter what gets between us and stands on our way.All started in November of 2005 by Jim(vocals) and nick(strikes) trying to find three more capable guys ,John and Chris were chosen for the guitars and Stam was chosen for bass player .in the way the form of the band changed ,Chris left the band and his place was taken by Stam the bassist as being a guitar player to ,so there had to be a new bassist and that was Alex. Unfortunatly the form of the band in this way lasted at about one year ,Stam left the band due to an accident that made us loose a lot of time ,his decision was to get out the form temporary .Having no person for the 2nd guitar we picked up Panos in order to get things in the first situation. Since then the crew of our band hasn't changed and we still continue so we can bring out our goals and we hope future will be fair to us cause we deserve it. In summer of 2007 we decided to record our first ep (It's An Honor To Die) that includes five trucks of our very first songs. The outcome was good enough so this gave us strength to keep on .We were not under a label by then so we had to do this by ourselves. Finally with the creation of this ep and our few live shows we achieved to move enough people's interest and this made us glad a lot. After six months we decided to record a demo with five new tracks and for sure advanced ones. The name of the demo was decided to be The Final War Has Already Become and that's why we believe so. The results of our new creation were better than we were expecting and that made us believe more in ourselves.At last the recording label named Troskot Records was found to finance our new songs and that counts a lot cause we definetly want our songs to be heard in other countries to. So far everything goes as we want to and we believe that people appreciate and are going to appreciate our work and our name. Finally we would like to mention that without our friends and families we would have done nothing and especially die without crew who from the first moment are always with us in every step that we take day by day and due to their love and support we carry on.
Thank you all guys.



Die Without - Stay True To Yourself.
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  • TelePathetic said:
    eiste k gamw rr,sas latrevw =] keep it brutal! Aug 05

Promo 2006

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It's An Honor To Die

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Almyrs, Greece

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