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Non Religious Marriage Ceremonies

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Your wedding day is probably the most joyous occasions in one's life, and the engaged couple that's about to get married try every way possible to help make the day special and memorable.

Earlier, weddings were always conducted in a religious way, and the reverend or pastor would preside over the ceremony where the couple would exchange the ring and vows. Although conducting wedding ceremonies in a religious way is still common, many couples today prefer the non-religious marriage ceremony. These weddings can be customized as per the wishes of the engaged couple, so it can turn out to be just the way they have always imagined.

In a typical religious ceremony the priest plays an essential part, but he is absent in the non-religious ceremonyand this is essentially the major distinction between the two ceremonies.

Since it's not a faith based ceremony, the wedding will not be conducted in a church. You've got lots of alternatives as far as the wedding venue goes. You can choose from a beach, local parks, established wedding venues and so forth. The marriage ceremony could even be held at your house itself, you can plan it indoors, or perhaps in the backyard.

In a faith based marriage ceremony the priest plays an important part, right from the start, until the couple is announced 'husband & wife', but in the other type of wedding ceremony the officiant can perform the required rituals. The officiant in this situation can be a notary, justice of peace, or a person who's got the special license to perform marriage ceremonies.

In a non-religious wedding, tales about the couple can replace Bible readings They might be tales about how the bride and groom met each other, or what makes them a good example of a loving couple. And rather than hymns being used, the couple will be able to use selected music that has significance to them.

Posted Oct 16, 2012 at 2:56pm