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Over the Toilet Cabinets Are Great Space Savers

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If you have a little bathroom or one that multiple members of the family use, you'll need all of the storage you will get. One method to improve your bathroom storage without taking up anymore floor space is to purchase over toilet storage. Your toilet has already been trying out floor space and also the space above it's all wasted if you don't use it for something. You are able to store toilet paper, towels or toiletries in this valuable space. A well designed unit will not interfere with the use of the bathroom . in any way.

You'll find many different types of over toilet storage. Some units are open, some have regular or sliding doors as well as mirror fronts. These over toilet storage units are available in many materials from wicker to metal and plastic. You are able to match just about any style of decor with one of these units. Bathroom linen cabinets can be large or in an over toilet configuration. If your linen cabinet is too small to fit everything in, you can include an over toilet cabinet to accommodate the overflow. You can get a mirrored bathroom cabinet for over the toilet without having enough mirror space.

over the toilet cabinet

Storage cabinets over the toilet make good use of an otherwise wasted space. You will simply have the ability to store items that fit in a shallow space. Your over toilet cabinet are only Six to eight inches deep plus doors. Whether it sticks out too much it'll interfere with use of the toilet and could cause heads to obtain bumped. There are many items which will store very well within this type of space. Toilet tissue and toilet tissue dispenser or toilet paper stands can be within the toilet ot to the side of it where you can easily reach when needed. Smaller linen items like wash cloths or hand towels will fit on shelves over the toilet very nicely. Shampoo along with other bottled items will even fit in an over toilet cabinet.

You can find many versions well over toilet storage cabinets and shelving units at your local building store, shops or on the Internet. You will have to take measurements of the space above and on each side of your toilet, along with the height of the toilet and the ceiling to be ready to order the very best unit for the bathroom. It is advisable to obtain a storage unit that matches all of those other decor inside your bathroom therefore it fits in well.

Posted Aug 16, 2012 at 12:29pm