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Bolivia Benefit Concert - May 7, 2016


Genres: Christian / Rap

Location: Mississauga, ON

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4 tracks

Members: Mike Waliczek - Vocals, Holy Spirit - Inspiration

As a young child, Mike Waliczek was moved from his home country to Canada as his mother sought a better life for the family. It wasn’t long before he grew a fascination with cartoons and began imitating them in drawings. Mike decided he wanted to make his own cartoon one day while still a child and it was rare to see him without a pencil and paper. Today, his former classmates would likely remember him as the boy who was always drawing and this perhaps played a major role in shaping his introversion. During middle school, Mike also developed an interest in poetry. Several years later, during his first year of high school, he began writing full songs regularly and even began working on a sci-fi saga that quickly became his second life goal.

While visiting his homeland in the summer of 2000, Mike met his first love interest. After returning from the vacation, the long distance – coupled with a broken life at home and feeling like the family outcast – sparked his fall into a depression that would last for about seven years. The beginning of Mike’s depression also marked the time when he made the personal choice to believe in evolution and deny God’s existence. Having no one to talk to, he kept everything to himself and coped with his depression through the dark humour of his lyrics. Spending most of his time alone with his thoughts caused him to be quiet and asocial. Deep contemplation of suicide haunted his mind for the first three years of his depression. His own little world grew inside of him and he would constantly escape from life into it. He hid his feelings of self-loathing until he began sharing his songs after forming a group in late 2003 with a family friend. Mike instantly thought of “2 Dimensions” as the group’s name, in reference to the seemingly double-life he lived by appearing normal socially, but really bottling up his truly angry emotions. Going by the name Skeletal, he began recording his morose songs. He would make religious remarks in his songs, but was planning a complete album for the sole purpose of attacking God and attempting to disprove all religions. His atheistic faith made him cherish the only life he thought he had, but he still dealt with despair.

At the same time, as Mike therapeutically made music his hobby, he continued to pursue his childhood dream. Midway through his college education, he realized it wasn’t what he truly wanted to do. Following college, his hobby came to the forefront of his attention. With a future manager in place and connections slowly being made through social media, it started becoming more serious than he originally intended. However, God had a different plan for Mike and pulled him away from the path he was heading on.

In the meantime, his shattered dream from childhood caused him confusion concerning his future. Together with the break-up of his first serious relationship, these things contributed in his getting himself into drugs. Just a couple months later, at the start of 2009, he would meet his next girlfriend and finally have reason to escape home to live with her after only knowing her for four and a half months. Mike felt a little slip back into misery as he didn’t care that she did drugs. He believed his fleshly desires were being satisfied and giving him happiness. Nonetheless, it ended in another break-up, this time involving legal troubles in court and leaving him alone with his acquired addictions. This is when Mike had a new plan to become a new man who would no longer be nice and kind. Once again, God had the real plan and gave Mike a new life he never imagined he would have.

Of course, this didn’t just happen on its own. Unhappy with his life and dreading a lifelong cycle of depression, Mike cried out for God to prove His existence by revealing Himself through a sign. If He did, Mike would surrender his life. Failing to get rid of his addictions and become a changed man on his own, God did it through him the weekend he received the sign he needed. He was at a point where he vomited marijuana and his blood, at separate occasions. In His sign, God lifted Mike’s arms three times in the air late one night, as if the Trinity was trying to reach him. The instant presence of bliss he felt, mixed with the feeling of fear for his wickedness, incited Mike to beg for forgiveness and a new life. After telling those closest to him what happened that weekend, Mike battled with doubt and fell to temptation once again, three nights later. Feeling God’s wrath stronger than before, but also feeling His continuous chance at repentance, Mike finally submitted his all. By God’s power, Mike was able to forgive all those who hurt him in the past and whom he grudgingly sought revenge on. Kneeling by his bed with the bible he was holding onto to one day desecrate in the most disgusting ways he could think of, Mike heard and felt his demons at war with him. The Holy Spirit opened his eyes to the Word of God and he flipped through it until 4 a.m. that night. Mike was also given the strength to flush the remainder of his drugs and throw away his paraphernalia, permanently replacing them with the realization that all the drugs on earth combined cannot match the euphoric bliss God promises us in Heaven. Waking up the next morning completely rejuvenated with only two hours of sleep, Mike immediately felt new – filled with inner peace, love, and joy he had never felt before and never thought he would.

After 10 long years of angrily suppressing the truth, Mike has found meaning in his life. God has been showering blessings upon him, such as healing him from a Hepatitis C infection and bringing wonderful people into his life. Tensions have arisen with former close relationships and even family, but God is working. Mike is passionately working as well with the gifts he has been given toward goals of giving glory to God. Three months after being born again, Mike began getting inspired again lyrically with spiritual content and the inability to write any more secular rhymes. However, his main goals now include work on an autobiography and becoming an apologist. Whether through the medium of books or through songs as Didactic, Mike feels a need to do his part in helping to strengthen the faith of Christians in our postmodern world and to prevent youth from leaving the Church as he did. He is passionately seeking to dedicate his life defending the God he attempted to destroy.