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Diary Of My Last Days


Genres: Post Hardcore / Rock / Indie

Location: Other

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The band was formed mid 2005. They were formerly known as DITCH. With 5 musically inclined members, including: KIM and JAY on vocals, IAN on guitar, MIKE on bass, and ARVIN on drums. They started out playing their own compositions because they only have a single guitarist which became the problem when they play covered songs. After few months of hardship, another personality was added to the group of young men who was craving for more guitar riffs and devastating drum patterns. KYLE became the official guitarist of the band. He added another musical influence to the group and became the taste of their new sound. With a complete and effective line up, they covered songs from Armor For Sleep, Silverstein, Hawthorne Heights, Taking Back Sunday and more.

Then they decided to work on their new set of compositions with Kyle along the process. They made 4 melodic hardcore songs that was made by their different musical influences. They finished recording their first home demo entitled "WAKE ME UP TOMORROW MORNING", and now currently recording their second home demo entitled "WEDDING DANCE". After recording they will work on their new song to give their audience a new touch of their own music.




Jun 02, 2007


United States


United States


Newton, TX


United States


United States


Clarksville, TX

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