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Listen to 'Whats Killing Me'


Genres: Alternative / Emo / Screamo

Location: Brunei

Stats: 70 fans / 8,428 plays / 22 plays today





4 tracks

Members: K-roll, Reme, Syarif, Daus and Luffy

We are a group member of D'hask. Apparently, we are one of Brunei's well-formed local band. We play a bit of screamo and emo music. In addition to this, we add a mixture of Indonesian's alternative to produce a better quality into our music.

'USANG 12' is our first trial recorded song and there will be more to come.

For all the viewers out there, enjoy and happy listening. U can leave your comments and suggestions here. \\m/

The Bands
Vocal/2nd guitar : K-Roll
1st Guitarist : Daus
Bass : Reme
Keyboard : Syarif
Drummer : Luffy

To all listeners WE NEED UR SUPPORT!!!!


contact us:



  • Envisage said:
    yeah!!! \m/ May 27
  • daniexz said:
    nice song guys, keep on rocking...love the clips, love the songs... Apr 25
  • Zee.Aziee said:
    loves your song guys... Jan 31
  • katt said:
    Jan 09
  • hakeela said:
    you guys wanna know what u need? Individual photos of each member of the group! please & thank you... and i really mean that, please & thanks Dec 02
  • MileJoan said:
    cana kn download lgu kmu yng lain bro?? Aug 29
  • YomaGuChyy DiEgo said:
    yoo..salaamm~~love all ur songx...especially "what's killin' me" btw,,bla this band d2buhkn?? *sorry ktinggalan zaman* Aug 12
  • Rawkk starr said:
    hey bro , dmana kan download lagu kamu "perasaan hatiku" ?? please .. lawa bah lagu athu hee \m/ Jul 05
  • Azlin said:
    bro rugged whats killing me.....tp aku mau lagu tempat ku...dmana dpt???and i love mungkin elegi songs nice Mar 22
  • samsykes said:
    YOO!! ane ja lgu yg dpt didownload kh? Mar 16
  • Avina Indrawan said:
    D'Hask when come to Indonesia? Mar 05
  • danielly said:
    ada lyric usang 12 kh? Mar 01
  • bella said:
    dpt submit lyric usang 12 kh? Dec 02
  • bella said:
    nda dpt d download kh lagu usang 12 ah? Nov 22
  • Lavender said:
    I love Usang 12. Been listening to it over and over again. It's the best on my favourite list. Luv you!! Sep 21


Dec 28, 2009

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