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Devil Sold His Soul


Genres: Post Hardcore / Alternative / Screamo

Location: London, United Kingdom

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Members: DSHS takes as starting points the cerebral structures of Tool, the fearsome musical musculature of Will Haven and the sweeping emotion of Deftones.

Devil Sold His Soul

KKKKK's from Kerrang!, uncrowned kings of the UK underground, ferocious power, bone crunching heaviness and soaring melody. Mahumodo built a huge reputation. And then split. But you see, this isnt an end - its a beginning. Devil Sold His Soul is the phoenix rising from the ashes. Its a name youll be hearing a lot this year.

The ex-modo boys are back and even better, revelling in the stability that has followed the departure of the vocalist. Any past accusations of a band suffering from a lack of song writing diversity are now rendered obsolete. The defects of a single songwriter no longer apply. One voice has become six.

Devil Sold His Soul is the sound of a group of talented musicians freed from past constraints to create something truly special; its the sound of brilliant potential fully realised. High expectations have not been disappointed. The Mahumodo power and feeling remain, but now broader ideas, a wider spectrum, more experimentation, have been introduced. This band takes as starting points the cerebral structures of Tool, the fearsome musical musculature of Will Haven and the sweeping emotion of Deftones. Darkness Prevails, the title track from their eponymous EP, gives an idea of where the group is going: its a pummelling, gut-wrenching monster of a track.

The band is currently wreaking havoc live and has already been given the accolade of London Barfly KBYBand of the Month. And with Like Its Your Last (the epic EP closer) having been snapped up by RockSound Magazine for one of their coveted Cover CDs, the release of the Darkness Prevails EP has generated outstanding reviews across the board and is exciting music fans everywhere.

EP Reviews

- Kerrang! : They may well be the UKs answer to TOOL an essential purchase! (KKKK)

- Metal Hammer : Darkness Prevails is fascinating, charismatic, taking the whole concept of structured noise deeper and deeper into the twilight zone (7/10)

- Big Cheese : Absolutely mind-blowing, every arrangement is perfection in itself and every single song is completely unique and individual (5/5)

- Rock Sound : Big, structured, heavy songs that growl and screech mercilessly before soaring into the heavens, taking your conscious with em (8/10)

Other Achievements

- Chosen to support Skindred on their December 2005 UK Tour
- Video for Darkness Prevails aired on MTV2, Scuzz and Kerrang! TV
- Live Session recorded for the Radio 1 Rock Show, at Maida Vale Studios, London


  • Jamie said:
    I like clouds Aug 05
  • inVINCEible! said:
    Touring With The Boy Will Drown, Nicely Done May 04
  • PapoLrawrrr said:
    more song plss... Mar 08
  • HangTheMason said:
    wow. DSHS = love Dec 25
  • Nolie-Fruit-Rolie! said:
    You guys are great. No seriously, one of the best bands I've listened to in a great while. I'm just sad to not see you guys make it as far as you should... it's hard to see anything from you guys because no one has ever heard of you. So I'll try to spread to word and hopefully you guys get known just little more! Jul 03
  • Michael The Knife said:
    Amazing band!!! Mar 30
  • crashbag said:
    put up clouds that song is awesome Mar 06
  • HerdTheWorm said:
    Fragile Hope is one great fucking album. Keep it up Jul 20
  • said:
    Add Comment here... Mar 06
  • mark_89 said:
    you guys were brillant at bradford riosd =] keep up the good work guys!! mark x May 22
  • Cardboard craig said:
    ur music rules plzzzzzzzz dnt stp at 1 or 2 albums May 02
  • Paddy 18v said:
    see you on 9th july in the ski lounge your the best british band ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Feb 27

Darkness Prevails

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